Thursday, November 10, 2011

They are doing it again.

Not long ago I posted an article about how I can't stand when a Company tells me I must buy Product X for Product Z to come out.  It seems to happen in the gaming industry all the time.

Although, my predictions in that article of Nintendo of America releasing Last Story and Xenoblades in the states as an inevitability have yet to come true, it doesn't change my point in the article.

The latest offender is Ubisoft in an interview: here.

To sum it up, they are telling me to buy Rayman Origins if I want any hope in seeing Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Here is my problem.  I love Beyond Good and Evil.  I hate Rayman.

Maybe hate is too strong a word.  Indifferent perhaps is better.  Lord knows I've tried to get into Rayman.  I love BG and E so much it was impossible for me not to give the franchise a shot, but after attempting every game I just can't do it.  And I am one who is all about characters with no joints.  You remember Vectorman?  What a guy.

But Rayman just doesn't appeal to me.  I find the characters bland, and I find the gameplay handled better in the games it mimics.  Why would I ever play a Raymna game when I can play a Mario game?  There is nothing it offers that Mario doesn't.  BG and E is a Zelda clone, but it gives us something we never see in Zelda, a futuristic setting, dark setting, and characters who speak and interact.

Rayman is a silly cartoon world with wacky characters.  Mario is a silly cartoon world with wacky characters.  The difference is one features creative level design and tight controls and mechanics, and the other does not.  I'll let you figure out which is which.

To be fair, Rayman Origins looks absolutely stunning.  But that does not a good game make, and my repeated attempts at giving the franchise a chance doesn't lead me to want to get this one.  I have no desire to play it.

Now I understand some people love Rayman, and I get it.  That is fine.  I don't, and therefore, I shouldn't be expected to buy a game of a franchise I don't like to support a game in a franchise I do care about.  The fact they are made by the same person should be a moot point.

 So now when, Rayman Orgins tanks and we get no Beyond Good and Evil 2, the suits can say, "For shame on you fans!  You are the reason BG and E 2 died!  Look at what you have done!  Your hands are red in the blood of Pey'j!"

You are making Jade sad.  Stop it.