Thursday, June 9, 2011

E3 2011: Critic Vs. Lonecow

E3 is this week, and while the Zeonic Front is stuck in Texas, it doesn't mean we don't have our own opinions at what is going down over there.

Like fans the world over having this same conversation you will see below, myself and Critic had a little back and forth about what we have seen transpire at E3 so far and I thought I would reprint it here in it's entirety below: 

Critic: Nintendo probably did themselves a disservice in that they're giving us too much time too dream. At the same time the 3ds shows that they're already thinking about AR so we'll see. A submarine game where the second screen is your scope.

Lonecow: They already have that for the 3DS.  It was a launch game, and it does exactly that.  A Macross game would be cool and have a virtual music player built in so you can listen the Minmay songs as a mechanic would do while working on the ship.

Critic: Outlaw star. It could be your Melfina/galactic Layline view.

Lonecow: The dating sim opportunities are endless but Nintendo will never allow them.

Critic: Well I'm still getting a Vita. But rumor had it that they will put out a gold 3ds for zelda 25th.  I might not be able to resist that. OOT 3d...

Lonecow: Vita looks like crap. It's going to take a lot more besides Uncharted to convince me.  That thing is about as portable as a WiiU controller.

Critic: Its a little taller. But I don't think its much bigger than PSP.
 Just wait for vita2000 in a couple of years.

Im a little different than you. I don't regularly put my potable systems in my pocket. It only has to fit nicely in my bag.

So being super tiny isn't such a huge deal. It is not Lynx big.

Lonecow: It's close. I pulled out my Game Gear the other day. That thing was a beast.

Critic: Yep. Its amazing how large the game boy was.

Lonecow: The thing is, PSVita will have the same problem PSP did. Developers are going to have to spend money on budgets for games about the size of their console equivalents. Which they won't do, like they didn't for the PSP until years later when costs go down, but by then 3DS will have hundreds of games compared to the dozens on Vita. It's like the industry never learns from it's mistakes.

And while I love my PSP. There are maybe 5 games that I will hold on to and treasure. DS I have AT least 20.

It won't bomb, but it won't have nearly the library.

Critic: Someone needs to break the mold of building next gen handhelds to last gen console specs. Their goal from what I see is to create huge synergy between PS3 and Vita. Ninny has been trying to get us to use our handhelds and consoles together for 15 years. They've given up and just given us a handheld in the box.

Lonecow: And it has a better chance of working that way.

They knew no one would buy a Wii remote for the Gamecube, so they made a new system for it and everyone bought it.

No one bought Move or Kinect because you rely on a lot of people to buy it, to use with existing technology. They won't. You have to sell it to them with one package. The amount of gamers who buy a PS3 and a Vita to play games together will be a minuscule fraction compared to the people who have a WiiU and its controller since it will be all of them.

You have to get all your consumers on the same page if you want them all doing the same thing.

It's why PAC man vs. And Four Swords didn't work. People had to have GBA, the game, a Gamecube and 4 link cables.

Critic: Actually the Kinect has sold pretty well.

Lonecow: Do you know anyone who has one?

Critic: I was real close to getting one a few weeks ago. But no I don't.

They're going to push the value added thing pretty hard now. You can get Mass Effect 3. But would be EVEN BETTER if you played with kinect.

Lonecow: I will admit the Mass Effect 3 voice thing looks pretty awesome.  Still all you see on it are casual games and dance games because it doesn't have the adoption numbers of a console to justify a big title. You get a non responsive Star Wars game and an on rails Fable shooter to look forward to. If they had launched it with Xbox 720, we would get top tier games with Kinect integration, not as an afterthought.

Which to be fair, I think will be the case with Wii U third party games.  All controller features will be an after thought.

Critic: If I had a PS3. Id be tempted to get the move actually. Its 1:1 resolution is the best from what I've played.

Lonecow: So does Wii motion plus.  And Neither has that many games that use it.

Critic: More or less.  I played both the fencing game and the Frisbee game and both did exactly what I wanted them to do.  I could underhand toss the Frisbee and make it turn.  I don't thin M+ can do that.

Closing Comments:

Lonecow: I always get excited at new ways to play video games (which probably will get me pegged as a Nintendo fanboy), where a lot of people just want what they are familiar with.  I understand that.  Although I realize I'm in the minority, I actually got a fair amount of use out of my Wii.  There are a ton of great games for the Wii, but they mostly get overlooked from the abundant amount of shovelware and baby games.  So I am being optimistic about Wii U.

Though I will say, I probably won't get WiiU at launch (unless Metroid is a launch title).

I also like Sony and Microsoft, but I saw nothing worth even talking about this E3.  They can call Vita whatever they like, but it is just a PSP2 with the same problems that plagued the PSP.

Critic: To be honest I really am platform agnostic. I do think its plain that the next "Big Thing" is going to be dual screen gaming. We're seeing at least three differing methods of achieving this. In addition to Sony and Nintendos methods Onlive also demoed some duel screen gaming using iPad.

My big prediction for the next 18 months is the rise of Onlive and cloud gaming. Onlive was always a proof of concept. If it proves to be profitable it will be purchased. I'm thinking of Microsoft.