Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Rock Shooter Game Coming Stateside

Maybe you have noticed the banner ads on the sidebar for Disgaea 4 and ZHP. No, we aren't getting paid a penny for those ads, I simply added them because I'm something of a Nippon Ichi nut. My love for them started when I found Disgaea for PS2 used, one day after it had been released. Seems someone had bought it because they liked the character design but hated SRPGs. I know this because I worked with the guy who traded it in.

I can't be too critical because I bought the game for the same reason. The characters looked cool. Luckily I quickly found out that I love SRPGs and have followed the company and bought and played every game they have released over here.

Also if you follow this blog you might notice I'm also a Hatsune Miku nut, and along with that Black Rock Shooter. I was disappointed by the anime OVA, and even did a post on this blog about how I hope the franchise is handled in the future. In that post I also mentioned my optimism for a BRS game being made by the Persona people, that might be awesome, but will never come here.

Well guess who's bringing the Black Rock Shooter game to America? That's right, Nippon Ichi baby (Or NIS America more specifically)!

I'd recommend anyone who is a fan of Japanese RPGs join the Nippon Ichi forums. They have a board dedicated to taking fan requests in bringing games over here. And if this niche title is proof of anything, it's proof that NIS listens to the fans (well most of the time. Where is La Pucelle Ragnarok NIS?).

Source: Destructoid