Monday, October 11, 2010

Queen's Blade Battle

I make no qualms about being a huge Queen's Blade fan. I'm sure that isn't surprising to anyone who frequents this blog.

I am a fan of cheesecake camp. If you go on a message board and say you like this type of stuff, some prude always channels their inner Puritan, and has to say, "Just Google porn if you want to see bewbs." The type of person that responds in this manner is most likely also the type of person to stay up all night, pasty faced, watching all kinds of deplorable acts between a man/woman and a horse, in the same way that conservative senators and politicians who make legislation against homosexuals are always the ones taking it from both ends at a dive in San Fransisco. But I digress.

Watching the Queen's Blade anime has never once prompted me to "whip it out and go to town". I just like what I like, and I like seeing busty women fight their way to to be Queen of the land.

I also enjoy barbarian type fare, that goes back to my childhood such as Conan the Barbarian, Red Sonja, Xena, hell, even He-Man. It's always been something to just turn your brain off and just watch the mindless violence and sex (not so much with He-Man). I don't like football, but I like this stuff. Make of that what you will.

But my fondness for Queen's Blade didn't start with the anime. It actually started with the Lost World battle books from which the property derived. The Lost World series of books is like a Dungeons and Dragons style tabletop game, with the Queen's Blade exception being, instead of fighting zombies, and mummies, you fight beautiful women who can't seem to keep their clothes on. In other words, it fixes everything wrong about Dungeons and Dragons (i.e. needs more partial nudity).

I bought a few of the books, and tried playing them with a friend of mine, though we could never really keep up with itin the way I would have wished. Really this type of thing is better suited for having a group of people with their own books. I only have two friends who are into the same level of geekdom that I am, and surprise, they are the other two people that run this blog. I'm just not set up socially to get the full effect of Queen's Blade.

Enter Queen's Blade Battle.

Queen's Blade Battle is an application made by leecherboy from the Hongfire forums, which allows anyone to play Queen's Blade without having to bother with figuring out the metricises or translation of the Queen's Blade books. It also allows one to play the game in an Arcade game type format, complete with (some) character introductions, endings, and fights against the rival. People can either play solo, against a computer, or online and locally with a friend. It's truly a brilliant effort put forth by one individual.

I can only dream about this reaching portable devices like the iPhone, or PSP. Though I expect for it to work on those formats, a fair amount of hacking would be involved. I would actually consider buying an Android just to play this on the go if that was the only way to play it without modification.

I'm trying to place some discipline on myself while playing this game and only use characters that I physically own the actual books for or figures. It should also be noted that character progression is permanent so any mods to your character earned through game play stay unless your characters is killed, which adds a layer to the app to make you want to stick to a certain character.

Link to Queen's Blade Battle homepage