Sunday, August 1, 2010

Koji's Top Ten Anime Women - C.C.


Number 6: C.C.

Show: Code Geass

Background: C.C is Lelouch’s main confidant and patriot in the Code Geass series. She is mysterious, purposely vague, and loves pizza probably more than intercourse. Also having the power of immortality, she can bestow the power of the Geass on anyone she chooses. We have no idea how truly old she is, but it’s suffice to say that she is…OLD. Nevertheless, at least she still has the appearance of a teenager, so luckily we don’t have to watch an anime version of Betty White acting like a badass. I’m not really against that either.

Why she is on my list: C.C’s inclusion on the list marks a big first. She is the first character on my list that I feel has a back-story and a personality that is well developed and consistently interesting. From beginning to end I enjoyed C.C. I enjoyed her quirks, odd vices, and her overall passive demeanor in the dystopian society that is Code Geass. Also, with a cast as large and as diverse as Code Geass, she is whom I cared about the most. She is the character that I wanted some OVAs to give some attention to. She is the character that you never really knew what she was up to until the show was over. Her attitude and intentions always kept me guessing, and she was the perfect foil to Lelouch, who wanted to destroy an imperialist society by any means necessary.

As you discovered more about C.C, you felt for her character. You felt something for her when you were made privy to her persecution as a child, her initial curse as bearer of the Geass, and the fact that she has roamed around the world for decades wishing for a swift end. You laughed when she couldn’t figure out how to put together a pistol, or how she would risk EVERYTHING Lelouch and the Black Knights have done for the ultimate slice of pizza. She was never just cute, silly, serious, or mysterious. She acted the same way an immortal should act walking around the world aimlessly: tired, socially awkward, and looking for redemption.

Seiyuu: Yukana Nogami
Yukana Nogami, (goes by Yukana) is a veteran voice actress that has been in the business since 1995. She is well known for lending her talent to well-known series such as Full Metal Panic, Black Cat, and Sekirei. I wish there was more information about her that was available, but unlike most of the Seiyuus I’ve mentioned thus far, she is not that busy in 2010. Regardless, she is a terrific voice actress and I'll always appreciate her for voicing my green-haired number six.

Honorable Mention: Yakumo Tsukamoto
I love School Rumble. I think it’s still one of the funniest animes around, and if I was ever convinced to make a male list (which I I wouldn't), Harima would be pretty darn high. Since this is about the ladies, Yakumo is my favorite from the plethora of cuties on the show.

Everything that I loved about how Code Geass treated C.C’s character is the complete opposite with Yakumo and School Rumble. She has very little screen time, but she makes the most of it, and you won't have a hard time finding reasons to like her. She’s cute, soft-spoken, and wildly naive. Her obsession with cute animals is hilarious, and the misunderstandings she gets herself into with the males of the show are the best.

I have no doubt that if she had a little more time to develop, she would easily be a top 5 for me. Oh well, I still love her; so does most of the otakus.

Keep it savory.