Sunday, August 1, 2010

He's our man!

Comic Con has come and go, and while there was a gargantuan amount of information to read (and for most of us to confirm), I still am excited about a few things that went down.

Just like Christopher Nolan is your first choice to direct just about anything, Ryan Reynolds is your first choice to play any superhero. When I heard way back when that he would be cast as The Green Lantern, I wasn’t bummed out by it at all. What I was a little disappointed about was that his casting would limit his involvement in other comic book adaptations. I have no idea how nice, shitty, pretentious, or terrific of a guy Ryan Reynolds is, all I know is that he cares about what the fans think, especially comic book fans, and I have to give him props for that. And because we never get tired of saying it, here is to hoping the Deadpool movie really does come into fruition. We also can all agree on the fact that he has terrific taste in women. (post Morissette)