Sunday, August 1, 2010

Are you griefing with me?

I think the Guild is a hilarious show. I think the concept is fresh, and the cast displays nice chemistry. I can tell there is even some improvisation from all the actors, which makes me appreciate their comedic timing. That being said, how long can it last? I watched a few of the new episodes recently, and they were pretty boring. Wil Wheaton is awesome, but he can’t save the show. Have the writers momentum waned or am I just tired of the characters? Maybe they are going through a Mike Myers dilemma. Or maybe they saw the movie Crimewave and they are still a bit depressed, void of any comedic creativity. Anyways, a Bollywood themed episode just came out, which also premiered at Comic Con receiving much satisfaction from the fans. I’ll probably enjoy it as well because I think Bollywood is hilarious, but I hear the episode is way over the top. Will that have to be the norm for the show to still garner their quirky reputation? If so, I don’t see them lasting another season. In all honestly, kudos to the creators for making a show with an MMO as the backdrop interesting for three seasons. Felicia Day will survive of course, but not much can be said about Vork.

- I take that back, Vork is actually the funniest character in the show.

Keep it Savory.