Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What I want (wish) from Black Rock Shooter

Black Rock Shooter. Three words that will either make you groan or cheer if you follow anime fandom. Black Rock Shooter is the name of a property that spawned from a Hatsune Miku song written by Supercell.

The genesis of the property started with a stylized music video that inspired Yutaka Yamamoto, of Haruhi and Lucky Star fame, to create an OVA based on said music video.

From there it turned into a world wide phenomenon... before anyone saw any footage from the OVA! Figures, posters, art books, more figures were released all before anything had been seen of the show. In this way the show could never even hope to live up to the hype machine that had been constructed around it.

And after watching the OVA last week, I can say with certain the OVA does not live up to the hype, even a little. What it proved is Yamamoto can't do a creative work that doesn't involve school girls in modern day. That's fine. Haruhi and Lucky Star are both great as they are, but he was clearly the wrong choice for this franchise. A good 90% of the OVA is dedicated not to the Black Rock Shooter characters, but to their real world alternate personalities, or whatever. The other problem is that nothing is ever explained. Remove all the BRS scenes and you get a decent , depressing slice-of-life story about a jealous girl.

Does this mean I'm going to cancel all my preorders of BRS figures and never listen to the song again? Hardly. In fact the franchise has quickly grown above and beyond the OVA that somewhat started the craze.

Which brings me to the crux of why I decided to write this article. It is no secret I am slightly obsessed with Hatsune Miku. She created an amazing opportunity for anyone with any musical talent to create works of art, even if they can't sing, and without the need to hire someone to sing for you. The creative works that spawned from the Vocaloid2 software was nothing short of a revolution.

Black Rock Shooter is one of those creative products. So, in tandem, what I would like to see from Black Rock Shooter is a similar sort of idea, except in a visual way. Hatsune Miku represents music and Black Rock Shooter represents Visual.

Basically this has happened already. The creators of the Coraline movie are making a stop-motion animation of the Black Rock Shooter music video with the Linkin Park guy doing a remix of the song. This is to say nothing of the hundreds, or even thousands of fan drawings that litter the net based on BRS.

And the latest news that got me excited was the announcement of a Black Rock Shooter RPG, that has nothing to do with the OVA, featuring only BRS characters, made by Ordet Studios, who are responsible for some of my favorite JRPGs (Valkyria Chronicles II, Persona 3 and 4). If this gets a stateside release, and is good, it will completely disembowel all knowledge of the OVA for me.

In the end, what I am saying I want is for multiple people to be able to use these compellingly designed characters for a multitude of different media and creative products. I don't know the legality surrounding the characters, but so far their creators seem to be fine with a wide range of interpretations and I hope it continues that way for the entire lifespan of the franchise.

Also as a side note Happy 3rd Birthday to Hatsune Miku!

RPG teaser:

Original Music Video:

OVA Trailer:

Monday, August 30, 2010

All That is Good is Bad

I got up this morning and had an omelet and then I found out, "A half-billion eggs have been recalled in the nationwide investigation of a salmonella outbreak. More than 1,000 people have already been sickened and the toll of illness is expected to increase."

I didn't feel that bad so I went shopping at Walmart and bought... a Deli Sandwich, "About 380,000 pounds of possibly tainted deli meat products sold in sandwiches at Walmart stores have been recalled by a New York food company."

Damn I said, maybe I will quit eating red meat and just eat chicken so I bought some Chicken nuggets, "Purdue Farms is recalling nearly 92,000 pounds of chicken nuggets because of concern that a small number of them may contain pieces of plastic. The nuggets are sold in Walmart stores."

The plastic did not hurt me so I said I will just eat fish. "Recent laboratory tests found so much mercury in tuna sushi from stores and restaurants that at most of them, a regular diet of six pieces a week would exceed the levels considered acceptable by the Environmental Protection Agency."

I will be a vegetarian, that's the answer. "Some salads will be without the colorful red tomato as the fruit was recalled this week during a Salmonella scare.The Texas Department of State Health Services said Wednesday that that federal, state and local authorities are investigating a multi-state outbreak of the Saintpaul strain of the Salmonella bacteria."

Feeling bad about how my day was going just trying to eat, I got a headache and took a couple Tylenol. "Additional details have been released about the new Tylenol Recall that occurred on July 15th as the third recall in 2010. Johnson & Johnson recalled three million bottles of different kinds medicines."

At least the water was safe I took it with. " Boil Order Remains In Effect For Residents Of Central Texas Town due to bacteria."

I guess I will just have to drink beer, I have never seen it recalled.

- Gary Cates

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Joss Whedon is sad

Spoilers for nearly every single Whedon work ahead.

I've had this theory for awhile now, but I think after now reading or watching nearly every work Joss Whedon has done, I can say conclusively that the man has lead a lifetime of heartache. Either that or he is really a lesbian in disguise.

This sudden realization was prompted after I finished reading his short run on the excellent comic, The Runaways. The Runaways is a comic series about a group of kids who have super villains as parents, and decide to... run away. The series was created by Michael K. Vaughn, and he wrote the series for over fifty issues before handing the reigns over to Mr. Whedon. Whedon did a good job with his limited time with the book. If there is one thing he is great at, it is depicting how young people speak and talk to each other. That was a defining aspect of the book before he took over, and didn't miss a beat when he put pen to paper.

However, he managed to do one thing that came out of the blue and seemed completely normal to him because he does it in every single one of his works: have a tragic relationship. The seres already had one, that worked a lot better and was more impactful that Whedon's. In just two issues, the defacto couple of the series Nico and Vic are done. Vic falls in love with a red head, and Nico does nothing to stop it saying she never loved him so why should she care.

The whole thing was so out of left field, it just made me feel like a psychologist starring deep into the recesses of Whedon's mind. And to be clear, this isn't some nerd rage going on. I really didn't care about the whole Nico/Vic relationship to begin with, but the abruptness with how it was handled was very obvious.

So then I started to think back on his other works. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog was one of the funniest and cleverest things I've seen in a long while. However, what the hell was up with that super depressing ending? You want to kill a character, that's fine. But the ending has to at least somewhat feel or fit with the rest of the story. This is the theme throughout all his tragic romances.

In Serenity, Hoban just dies. Hoban and Zoe were the only normal couple on the series and he just died. And not in a glorious way either, it was such an obvious, "Holy crap the movie is almost over and none of these characters have died yet. Bam!" Probably in Whedon's head he had no idea how to progress their relationship any further so by killing one of them it made his job as a writer that much easier.

Dollhouse's tragic romance ending is probably the only one out of his body of work that makes sense and fits within the fiction of the show. Ballard, the male lead, dies suddenly and then Echo implants his memory in hers so they can live together in The Matrix forever.

I saved Buffy for last because it deals with this particular aspect over and over again. Anya and Xander are the biggest offenders as they were set to get married, and then he backed out for no particular reason and they were cold to each other the rest of the series. Buffy and Angel were always doomed, and Buffy and Spike was probably the best relationship the series had until HE TRIED TO RAPE HER.

The most common theme is that no set of characters who are romantically involved ever get past the honeymooning phase. The fact he can't depict any characters in a serious relationship, reflects poorly on his writing ability in my opinion, as he clearly can't do anything other than 1) kill one of the characters or 2) have them split for an unexplained reason. Love is also a concept that rarely shows up in his work.

It's become such a transparent device in his properties that I actually feel bad for him every time that impending scene comes up.

Whedon has some demons when it comes to relationships. The only thing he seems to be able to handle is lesbians, as seen in Buffy and Runaways. Whedon is married and has two kids, so it certainly seems he could draw from some life experiences, but I guess perhaps it's just not that interesting to him to use as source material.

I don't know what this means for the Avengers film. Hank Pym beats the shit out of his wife in the comic, and I can almost guarantee he will work that in there.

Or maybe he will have Iron Man banging Mary Jane in front of Peter Parker, and then she leaves them both for Black Widow. Hold on.... I think I have a fan fic to write!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Critic *heart* The Expendables.

Movie-wise this summer has been pretty weak.  Iron Man 2 seems like eons ago, and most everything else for the exception of Inception was Meh.  This also seemed like the summer of "Men on a Mission;" with things getting kicked off with The Losers, next came The A-Team, and bringing up the rear is The Expendables.  The Losers ended up being a good concept that was defeated by a shitty villain.  A-Team was decent but frankly Liam Nissan was a horrible Hannibal.  So what started out as looking to be a strong return to a time tested genre (kicked off by last years very awesome Inglorious Basterds), was ending up looking like a wash...

The came The Expendables.  For me, this was one of the few movies this summer that I really wanted to see.  Every since I heard Sly float concept early last year, my mind began to tick with all the possibilities.  Gather all of of or as many of the 80's and 90's action stars and make a tribute film to the 80's style action movies, where men were men.  They felt no pain, they all carried huge guns with God Mode and Infinite Ammo turned on.   Sylvester Stallone was going to finally make the move that we've been asking for forever. 

The biggest story of this film is the cast.  Of course it was a near impossible task to truly assemble the "Dream Team" of action stars for a movie like this.  Any one of use can tick off a list of potential participants.  Of that list he did a good job of getting who he could.  The only notable absentees were Wesley Snipes and Van Dam.  Sly said that invitations were extended to both of them.  Snipes turned it down for "Scheduling" reasons i.e. no knowing if he was going to be in jail, and Van Dam didn't like the money.  Their parts were re written for Terry Crews the former NFL player, TV Actor, and Old Spice man; and Randy Couture the MMA fighter.  Frankly they did stick out like soar thumbs amongst the more experienced cast, but it didn't detract from the overall chemistry.  The rest of the cast, if you didn't already know, is Stallone, Statham, Li, and Lungren along with Crews and Couture as The Expendables.  Mickey Rourke is a former Expendable who is retired but lets the team use his tattoo shop as a hangout.  Eric Roberts and Stone Cold Steve Austin are the primary antagonists.  There is also a notable cameo by Arnie and Bruce.  

Despite how much I like the movie it did have some issues.  The first was Dialog.  This was strange because Stallone last two outing were actually really good on this front.  Some of the jokes just didn't hit with me, and the banter between the characters wasn't that clever, Oscar winning dialog isn't why I came to this movies.  The acting was somewhat wooden.  The principals were fine but you could tell that Crews and Couture were amateurs.  I was also reminded why Dolph doesn't talk in most of his movies.  On the other hand Roarke has an absolutely awesome monologue, that again asks why he let himself get so fucked up over the last 20 years.  Frankly the biggest issue I had was the cheap post-production special effects.  It's obvious that they were making this movie on a really night budget.  It's also obvious that at the time of filming they weren't sure if they were going to be able to make this PG-13 or R.  It seem during production they did not use very much movie blood.  Once they got the go ahead to make it hard R they went back and added CGI blood splatters and mists.  It looked really cheap.  

Regardless.  This was all about the action.  This movie was never out to win any Oscars.  The pacing reminded me a lot of First Blood: Part II and Rambo.  It starts off fairly slow, and builds to an awesome crescendo.  The Final action sequence is exactly what you're looking for in a movie like this.  It's 30 minutes of non stop action.  All the bases are covered.  Superhuman pain thresholds abound.  Unlimited magazines everywhere.  There's even a complete WTF moment when Crews and Stallone work together to become a human artillery piece. 

In Short, Is it the greatest movie ever?  No.  Does it belong in the same category as The Dirty Dozen?  No.  But it's a very good action movie.  The best part is it's an action movie that doesn't try to be anything more than an action movie.  Sly Achieved exactly what he intended to achieve. 

A Third of (British) Adults still sleep with their Teddy Bears.

A British survey of over 6,000 brits has found that almost a third of Adults still bring their teddy bears to bed with them every night.  Most said it comforted them knowing it was there.  It seems most respondances said it comforted and calmed them, and allowed them to get to sleep easier.  Businessmen who carry a Teddy said that it reminded them of home.  The Mail also reported that the Travelodge Hotel Chain, returned almost 75,000 lost teddy bears to their owners last year, and most were not children, but adults. 

The question I have is this some kind of cultural phenomenon?  Are there really that many adults out there who were unable to lose the bear as they grew up?  Common thought is that it's children grow out of their stuffy faze over time.  As they become more confident they being loose the need to for an item to hold while sleeping.  For myself this is how it worked.  I was incredibly attached to my Bear and Blanket, but overtime I just stopped.  Or did I?  I think most adults end of attaching to something else.  They don't really drop the Teddy they merely redirected those feeling towards something less childish.  For myself I have a favorite pillow, and pillow cases.

What say you?

Source:  The Daily Mail

Lonecow's Top 10 Anime Women - Yoko Ritona

Fan Service. Gainax wrote the book on fan service, almost literally (movie not book). Fan service is anything in a show, usually sexual in nature, that has absolutely nothing to do with the plot. It used to be something as subtle as a shower scene or a camera angle, then grew into having entire episodes dedicated to fan service (read: hot springs), and then entire characters were created to fulfill the need.

As soon as the titular heroine of Gainax's Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann busts onto the screen there is no doubt in the viewers mind that she is there to provide the fans with as much service as she can provide. However, despite first impressions, there is much more to the character of Yoko Ritona than meets the eye.

Number 05: Yoko Ritona
Show: Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann

Background: There isn't much to say about Yoko before her time with Simon and Kamina (the two main characters of Gurren Lagann). She pretty much experienced the same history as they did, we just never see it. She lived in the underground village of Ritona, and had to leave because of something they couldn't help.

Yoko is a skilled sniper and gunsmith in general. Where all the other characters rely on fighting within the safety of a giant mech, she chooses to hit the ground and fly solo, and is very effective at it.

From there, the trio set off on their grand adventure to see exactly what is going on with the surface of the world above.

Why she is on my list: I don't hide the fact that I love a good looking 2D woman. But even I am put on the defensive when I see a character like Yoko come onto the scene. She is obviously designed to make me find her attractive, and as such, I tend to shy away from such obvious pandering.

However, whatever you feel about Gainax, they don't do something unless they know they can pull it off. They wouldn't design Yoko and then just have her exists as pure eye candy. They knew they could make her look good and be a great character at the same time.

In fact, despite how she dresses, her sexuality is very rarely (if ever) a factor in her day to day activities. Her reason for dressing so skimpy is because it allows her freedom of movement, and when she chooses to wear an actual bathing suit she chooses something much more conservative, much to the chagrin of all the other male crew members (and viewers), who quickly point out her daily wear is more revealing.

Although Yoko shares a few fleeting romances throughout the series, and subtle flirtation with Simon, she is never just the "girlfriend" in the series. She doesn't exist solely for a love story. She is an actual fully realized member of the story and gets by with her own smarts and skill. So while her outfit might be a few steps back in the way of woman's rights, her attitude and role within the story are certainly more progressive.

And unlike last weeks girl of the week, Yoko can't be labeled into Otaku sterotypes. She isn't Tsundere, Yandere, or any other silly otaku term, she is just a good female protagonist.

When it comes to her personality and character there is no other like Yoko, she doesn't yell obnoxiously for no reason, she doesn't swoon over Kamina, she doesn't grope other women's boobs. She goes against every single sterotype that is associated with her appearance. When she is frustrated, she lets you know. She deeply loves Kamina, but isn't all over him, and she is really actually kind of a shy girl. In other words, she is a normal teenage girl, and for that she is more interesting.

She is such her own character, I would very much like to see a spin off or alternate world with just Yoko as the main character. A badass female sniper from the future could go in so many directions.

My absolute favorite episode of Gurren Lagann is when Yoko comes back into the show after a bit of a time skip. She has been living peacefully on an island as a school teacher until a Ganman attacks her village and she proceeds to get back into character and quickly dispatches it during probably the best action sequence in the entire show. Not only is the fight visually amazing, it also gives Yoko something that no one else in the show really has, a tie to the outside world. She has her students to protect and their families, and after all is said and done, she is seen as something of a super hero to all them.

That is probably the climax to her story. Every point in Gurren Lagann after that involving her is just an epilogue. Her character surpassed everyone else on that island as she found her peace and happiness. Her further involvement in the story is just to help out her friends reach the same level that she herself reached.

Her reunion with Simon is also a high point of the show. She is the only part of his old life and old world that is left, and before she shows up, he is a broken man and about to give up on life, but her appearance rekindles the little Simon in him that was taught to pierce the heavens.

Without Yoko, Simon would be nothing. And that is the role of secondary characters, to make the lead more interesting. Through Yoko, Simon is able to find himself once again.

For a long time, Yoko was number three on my list, and she held that spot for a long time, but the last few years has had an influx of strong interesting female protagonists, and sadly she has dropped a few notches. Regardless she is a great character, and a great example of why you shouldn't judge a book by its cover (still, please enjoy all the sexy images of her on the side bar).

Seiyu: Marina Inoue

Inoue began her career in 2004 as Kanmuri Shigeru in the anime Yakitate!! Japan. Since then she has had a very steady career as a voice actress as well as a singer. Between 2004 and 2007 she worked steadily, but Gurren Lagaan arguably had a big boost to her career and from there started voicing more main characters.

Her music career also had to do with her sudden surge in popularity as Sony Entertainment picked her out of 200 other competitors to be the next big thing.

After Gurren Lagaan, she voiced lead characters in shows such as: Sekirei, Skip-Beat!, and my personal favorite, Valkyria Chronicles as Alicia Melchiott (game and TV show). Currently you can hear her voicing another busty protagonist as Rei Miyamoto in Highschool of the Dead.

Also she is gorgeous.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lonecow's Top 10 Anime Women - Tohsaka Rin

It is no secret that Tsundere's are what makes my heart go a flutter (among other things). They used to only be side characters, that while interesting, would never win in the end. For a long time, the ideal woman that Japanese men sought after, were the quiet soft spoken shy girls. This was reflected as such in anime and films from Japan.

However, in the last decade or so, as women gain more power, and shed their meek stereotypes roles from the past, the Tsundere ideal has become the predominate label for an ideal Japanese spouse/girlfriend. Tsundere's are an important character archetype because they also represent women's changing role in society. Men are weak minded individuals, and creatures of habit, who need a good strong women to help guide them in the right path.

The type of woman needed for that job is a Tsundere (according to anime), and there is no character more synonymous with that word then the queen of Tsunderes herself, Tohsaka Rin.

Number 06: Tohsaka Rin
Show: Fate/Stay Night

Background: Tohsaka Rin is an excellent Mage in the world of Fate/Stay Night, and among all the "chosen" mages to participate in the Holy Grail War, she is easily the best. She is young, but that doesn't stop her from making short work of all the elder Magus. Even after she gives up her "thump card" early in the fight to save poor helpless Emiya Shirou, she is still a formidable force.

Even after her belligerent Servant, Archer, gets taken out early in the game, she could still win the whole war by herself if she really wanted to.

Why she is on my list: Honestly, I've been putting off doing this "Anime Woman of the Week" because I've said so much about Tohsaka in past blog entries, I know I will just end up repeating myself.

In fact, Tohsaka would probably be higher on my list if there wasn't one critical point holding her back: The Fate/Stay Night anime. Perhaps her being on this list at all is a bit of a cheat, because my love for Tohsaka springs forth from the Visual Novel, Fate/Stay Night and not the anime. I've made it quite clear in the past that I really don't like the anime at all.

Over the years I've softened on my stance towards the anime, but compared to the Visual Novel there is no contest. The only saving grace is that the characters in the anime are pretty faithful adaptations of the book. The story is the only thing that makes the anime not as good as the work it is based on.

On top of that, earlier this year a Fate/Stay Night movie was released, based solely on Tohsaka's route from the VN. Admittedly I have not seen the movie yet, but I've heard good things so far, and am still eagerly awaiting it to come stateside.

So that is why I feel justified including Tohsaka on this list, even if her anime adaptation isn't my favorite version of her.

Now, why I think she is such a great character?

In many ways, Tohsaka is the Asuka I always secretly wanted. Don't get me wrong, Asuka Soryu trumps Tohsaka every time, but a part of me wanted to see more of the Asuka depicted in the last episode of Evangelion. The super full on Tsundere version of Asuka is what I wanted to see more of (and don't you dare say Angelic Days in my presence or you will be hurt).

Tohsaka is the full realization of that version of Asuka. She is strong and independent, and does everything on her own without reliance from anyone. But nothing about her could be considered "bitchy". She is proud, and ambitious, but kind and thoughtful. Even though the rules to the Holy Grail War state you should kill a rival Master if given the opportunity, she doesn't think twice to save Shirou, who is clearly bewildered by the whole War. It isn't even a question in her mind to help him. She doesn't sit and brood saying to herself, "If I help him my chances to win might be over, or should I take pity on him."

She is frustrated by having to help him, sure, but she does what she knows is right.

As a viewer/reader of Fate/Stay Night, Tohsaka serves as your lifeline. She is one of the few characters that knows what is going on at all times, and whenever you feel confused, you can count on Tohsaka to tell you whats happening. You come to rely on her and trust her. If she wasn't there, you'd be just as lost and dumbfounded as Shirou.

As I stated earlier, Tohsaka is the poster-child for the Tsundere ideal. In Lucky Star, Konata's description of a Tsundere, is pretty much word for word Tohsaka Rin. In that same OVA, Kagami (the Tsundere of Lucky Star according to Konata) turns into Tohsaka during a dream sequence. So make no doubt that Tohsaka and Tsundere are synonymous names.

Seiyuu: Kana Ueda

Kana Ueda has had quite the career in voice acting. She is 30 years old, and starting working as a Seiyuu in 2001, and has since voiced hundreds and hundreds of different characters in anime, games and movies.

The Fate/Stay Night anime came out in 2006, and she has voiced Tohsaka in every incarnation, which makes me happy. As I said earlier, even though I'm not a huge fan of the anime, I love her interpretation of the character, so I'm glad she has played Tohsaka in all the games, and spin off F/SN media.

She has had major roles in a lot of popular series such as Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Tenga Toppa Gurren Lagann, and BlazBlue to name a few. Seriously check out her Wikipedia page to see all the voice work she has done.

She is also as cute as Tohsaka.

Honorable mention: Saber

This honorable mention might seem obvious, but I have to give Saber some love.

I have no shame in admitting that the sole reason I read Fate/Stay Night was because I saw some sexy poster of Tohsaka and wanted to check it out. So from the beginning, the cards were stacked in Tohsaka's favor. Saber, I was of course familiar with because she graces just as many figures and posters as Tohsaka, but everything about Saber goes against the concept of Moe. She is usually dressed as conservatively as they come, head-to-toe in armor. Also I'm not a huge fan of blonds, or that stoic quiet demeanor.

I even considered skipping her storyline and go straight to Tohsaka's.

However, what happened went against everything I expected. I fell madly in love with Saber. She is a great character, and I'll humbly admit, that she might, from a character development standpoint, be the greatest character in Fate/Stay Night. She has clear convictions and morals, and would rather die than betray them, almost to a fault. She has minor flaws in her personality and ideals, and that makes her more real than any other character in the story.

She is also, an absolutely radiant beauty that makes all those moments when she rarely shows her feminine side that much sweeter.

In reality, on my list, Saber and Tohsaka are almost interchangeable. But I had to pick only one girl from a series, and Tohsaka won out... this time.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

WTF was Kaiyodo thinking?

Kaiyodo the makers of Revoltech, some of the finest posable figures on the market (and some of the worst as well) released their version of the two main characters from Toy Story this week, Buzz Lightyear and Woody.

If you follow toy news at all then you have probably seen this by now, but if you don't, I want to draw your attention to the bizarre face Kaiyodo chose for Woody:

Seriously. If the idea that your toys get up and walk around when you aren't there isn't creepy enough, just think of this creepy Woody going around and molesting all your figures.

There are few things that give me nightmares. This is one of them.


Monday, August 2, 2010

What's in a name?

This is bullshit.

I apologize for my profanity. I try to keep my posts free of off color words, just to keep some level of professionalism on here, but after this news today, I can't contain my frustration with science any longer.

Apparently, scientists John Scannella and Jack Horner, are saying the Triceratops never existed and was just a juvenile version of the Torosaurus. That's all well and good, and I can understand someone a long time ago making a mistake. My problem isn't that the two species are actually the same. My problem is that they changed the name of the wrong damn dinosaur.

Rename the Torosaurus to Triceratops, not the other way around. I know you have your scientific reasons for calling it Torosaurus, but who cares. No one gives a damn about Torosaurus. The popular name that everyone knows is Triceratops, so keep that name. Take an official vote somewhere. It's not hard.

"What should we call this dinosaur?
A) Torosaurus
B) Triceratops"

Let the public decide. Guess which one would win?

Spell check doesn't even identify Torosaurus as a word... but it recognizes Triceratops. That should be all the proof you need, Science.

The reasons this irritates me so much, is that it isn't the first time this has happened. My favorite dinosaur as a child was the Brontosaurus. That long neck, so majestic and peaceful. Such an iconic dinosaur that was featured in Baby, Land Before Time, and as Sinclair Oil's mascot.

But then Science came along and said to me personally, "Hey you stupid kid. You know all those stuffed Brontosaurus dolls, and Brontosaurus action figures you have littering your room? Well... the Brontosaurus is as fake as Santa Claus."

That's right, the Brontosaurus is actually Apatosaurus. So again, scientists could have just as easily reclassified Apatosaurus as Brontosaurus as that was the popular name and the name nearly everyone was familiar with, but no they went with the much lesser name Apatosaurus.

I say we take these names back. Don't let science tell us what to call our favorite dinosaurs. If it has a long neck, it's a Brontosaurus. If it has three horns, it's a damned Triceratops. And while we are at it, Pluto is still a planet.

This is why no one likes you Science, you kill childhoods.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

We will probably all be suckers

I am excited about this. It has an anime feel to it, and it seems if they threw in some affable young male, it would basically be a sci-fi fantasy harem. I really hope that that Snyder and company don’t try to take themselves too seriously. The concept is so obscure that it can wind up being either a fun flick with cute girls shooting and slicing people, or a pretentious pile of shit that caters to anyone who loved Ultraviolet. This will be his first original work, so that is what worries me.

Check out the trailer:

Are you griefing with me?

I think the Guild is a hilarious show. I think the concept is fresh, and the cast displays nice chemistry. I can tell there is even some improvisation from all the actors, which makes me appreciate their comedic timing. That being said, how long can it last? I watched a few of the new episodes recently, and they were pretty boring. Wil Wheaton is awesome, but he can’t save the show. Have the writers momentum waned or am I just tired of the characters? Maybe they are going through a Mike Myers dilemma. Or maybe they saw the movie Crimewave and they are still a bit depressed, void of any comedic creativity. Anyways, a Bollywood themed episode just came out, which also premiered at Comic Con receiving much satisfaction from the fans. I’ll probably enjoy it as well because I think Bollywood is hilarious, but I hear the episode is way over the top. Will that have to be the norm for the show to still garner their quirky reputation? If so, I don’t see them lasting another season. In all honestly, kudos to the creators for making a show with an MMO as the backdrop interesting for three seasons. Felicia Day will survive of course, but not much can be said about Vork.

- I take that back, Vork is actually the funniest character in the show.

Keep it Savory.

He's our man!

Comic Con has come and go, and while there was a gargantuan amount of information to read (and for most of us to confirm), I still am excited about a few things that went down.

Just like Christopher Nolan is your first choice to direct just about anything, Ryan Reynolds is your first choice to play any superhero. When I heard way back when that he would be cast as The Green Lantern, I wasn’t bummed out by it at all. What I was a little disappointed about was that his casting would limit his involvement in other comic book adaptations. I have no idea how nice, shitty, pretentious, or terrific of a guy Ryan Reynolds is, all I know is that he cares about what the fans think, especially comic book fans, and I have to give him props for that. And because we never get tired of saying it, here is to hoping the Deadpool movie really does come into fruition. We also can all agree on the fact that he has terrific taste in women. (post Morissette)

Koji's Top Ten Anime Women - C.C.


Number 6: C.C.

Show: Code Geass

Background: C.C is Lelouch’s main confidant and patriot in the Code Geass series. She is mysterious, purposely vague, and loves pizza probably more than intercourse. Also having the power of immortality, she can bestow the power of the Geass on anyone she chooses. We have no idea how truly old she is, but it’s suffice to say that she is…OLD. Nevertheless, at least she still has the appearance of a teenager, so luckily we don’t have to watch an anime version of Betty White acting like a badass. I’m not really against that either.

Why she is on my list: C.C’s inclusion on the list marks a big first. She is the first character on my list that I feel has a back-story and a personality that is well developed and consistently interesting. From beginning to end I enjoyed C.C. I enjoyed her quirks, odd vices, and her overall passive demeanor in the dystopian society that is Code Geass. Also, with a cast as large and as diverse as Code Geass, she is whom I cared about the most. She is the character that I wanted some OVAs to give some attention to. She is the character that you never really knew what she was up to until the show was over. Her attitude and intentions always kept me guessing, and she was the perfect foil to Lelouch, who wanted to destroy an imperialist society by any means necessary.

As you discovered more about C.C, you felt for her character. You felt something for her when you were made privy to her persecution as a child, her initial curse as bearer of the Geass, and the fact that she has roamed around the world for decades wishing for a swift end. You laughed when she couldn’t figure out how to put together a pistol, or how she would risk EVERYTHING Lelouch and the Black Knights have done for the ultimate slice of pizza. She was never just cute, silly, serious, or mysterious. She acted the same way an immortal should act walking around the world aimlessly: tired, socially awkward, and looking for redemption.

Seiyuu: Yukana Nogami
Yukana Nogami, (goes by Yukana) is a veteran voice actress that has been in the business since 1995. She is well known for lending her talent to well-known series such as Full Metal Panic, Black Cat, and Sekirei. I wish there was more information about her that was available, but unlike most of the Seiyuus I’ve mentioned thus far, she is not that busy in 2010. Regardless, she is a terrific voice actress and I'll always appreciate her for voicing my green-haired number six.

Honorable Mention: Yakumo Tsukamoto
I love School Rumble. I think it’s still one of the funniest animes around, and if I was ever convinced to make a male list (which I I wouldn't), Harima would be pretty darn high. Since this is about the ladies, Yakumo is my favorite from the plethora of cuties on the show.

Everything that I loved about how Code Geass treated C.C’s character is the complete opposite with Yakumo and School Rumble. She has very little screen time, but she makes the most of it, and you won't have a hard time finding reasons to like her. She’s cute, soft-spoken, and wildly naive. Her obsession with cute animals is hilarious, and the misunderstandings she gets herself into with the males of the show are the best.

I have no doubt that if she had a little more time to develop, she would easily be a top 5 for me. Oh well, I still love her; so does most of the otakus.

Keep it savory.