Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trailer for "The Town"

You'll her me be an apologist for many actors in Hollywood.  There is a list of actors that for some reason get no respect anymore.  More than a few of my upcoming reviews will actually revolve around this theme.  Regardless, the first trailer for "The City" was shown in front of Inception this weekend (Expect a review in a couple of days).  This is Ben Affleck second turn at Directing, and his first turn at directing himself.  Acting/Directing is always an iffy prospect.  Some are master at it like Clint Eastwood, other like Warren Beatty fuck it up royally.  After his hype-implosion in the mid '00 Ben cam back strong in '07 with his self penned and directed adaptation of the novel Gone Baby Gone.  The reality is, he's Won an Oscar for writing, so we know he can write; and he's been nominated for a Golden Globe for playing George Reeves in Hollywoodland.  Personally I think he deserved an Oscar for Hollywoodland.  Gone Baby Gone proved he could direct, and I think, unlike many actors who don't try to attempt directing until the end of their careers I think Ben probably plans to stick to this until he can pull the trifecta.