Saturday, July 10, 2010

Koji's Top Ten Anime Women - Revy

There are some women out there that are just wrong for you. You know that they are either after your money, sanity, soul, or all of the above. A woman’s sex appeal, borrowing a line from Rick James, is a helluva drug. Your friends declare, “You're bonkers!” Your parents vow to set an ominous atmosphere if she’s around, and your heart tells you, "well she is sexy, and good in bed." Until you settle down, you’ll probably never learn. Some types of sexy is just plain dangerous.

Number 9: Revy
Show: Black Lagoon

Background: Revy is the verbally abusive and mentally damaged gun-wielding "protagonist" of the Black Lagoon crew. She is their tank. Nicknamed "Two-Hands" for her proficiency with her custom made Berettas, she is just begging you to mess with her.

If it's a bunch of inner city goons, a ship full of Aryans, or a maid that would make even the T-1000 question its mission, she will take them on in a heartbeat. Revy is so thoughtful; she’ll transport your drugs and firearms too. She is ridiculously arrogant, outspoken, and a sadistic killer, but as the show progresses you start to love her for it! (Sad I know)

How she murdered her way onto the list:

I remember one of my first favorite girls of anime, Faye Valentine. I thought that she was "it" in regards to female characters, and for the longest time she always held a soft spot in my heart. She still kind of does. Eventually, I was introduced to Revy, the HGH version of Faye. One thing about Revy is that her daisy dukes fit really well! No really, one thing I love about Revy is that she steals whatever scene she is in. Almost all of my favorite scenes from the show involved her. The only one that I can think of that didn't include her directly involved a torpedo being wedged into a helicopter’s cockpit. She brings life to any scene whether it’s her foul mouth wisecracks or a shooting rampage that leaves you laughing and repulsed.

Not to anyone's surprised, she is emotionally damaged, and you actually want to know where her insanity comes from. We are only privy to bits and pieces of her back story, and like the episode “My Funny Valentine” in Cowboy Bebop for Faye, Black Lagoon could have easily revisited Revy's early days, and the audience would be sitting there salivating over every morsel. As the show progresses into the second season, Revy has not really calmed down any, but we see a “softer” side. Also one of her more respectable qualities is that she trusts the members of her crew. It however takes time, but once Revy trusts you, she will be there for you, as long as she gets paid. If you ever meet a girl like Revy and she buys you a Hawaiian shirt, you better make sure you wear it.

Sometimes you need a touch of danger and insanity. Now this list has it, welcome Revy.

Seiyuu: Megumi Toyoguchi

Megumi has been in the voice acting business since 1998. While Black Lagoon is the only anime that I’ve had the chance to hear her voice in, she has lent her skills to some notable titles such as Full Metal Alchemist, Gundam Seed (and Unicorn), and Ichigo 100%. She has a pretty interesting resume involving games as well, which I am not really surprised by. Megumi is a wonderful talent that I hope keeps getting work in the future. I know that a third project of Black Lagoon is in the works, so guess I just have to be patient.

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