Friday, July 16, 2010


On July 23, Evangelion World at Fuji-Q, in Japan, will be open for business. They will be streaming the opening live at USTREAM.

But why wait to see what it will look like? Pictures of the 1:1 scale Eva 01 head are already up, along with pics of the Eva Race Queens.

I can't wait to visit this place. We went to Fuji-Q in 2008 and it was already a great Japanese style theme park, with the Gundam ride and all.

Currently, only the media has access to Evangelion World. So there are a ton of pictures going around. Try here, here and here, for example.

Also I'm glad to see Mari has her own Racing girl now. For a while it was just Asuka and Rei. Why Rei doesn't have blue hair is beyond me.

I'm actually more excited about the Evangelion store attached to the giant Eva head. The Gundam store was awesome, and I'm not that big of a Gundam fan, so I can only imagine what goodies lay inside the Eva theme store.

I wish the Asuka Race Queen will still be there when I eventually make my way back there, but I have a feeling she will have moved on by then. If anything, I wish a higher quality picture existed of here. I'm in love.