Thursday, July 8, 2010

Anonymity, It's Like a Warm Blanket

Blizzard Announced today that soon in their community forms users will now have to post using their real names as opposed to the handles that have been common on forums since the beginning of the Internet. Blizzards excuse is that they believe it’s the easiest way to crack down on Bots, Spammers, and abuse. This announcement thread has been greeted with nothing but derision from the community as a whole. This is of course bunk. A strong community can easily police itself. Anonymity has long been a key aspect of the Internet, and part of what makes it the greatest tool of free speech ever devised by man. It’s disconcerting the trend that the social networks have ushered into our world over the last five or six years. People are freely giving up their handles and stepping out from behind the curtain. This, in the end, is detrimental to what the Internet is all about, Truth. Truth is, of course, subjective at time. My truth is possibly different than your truth, but regardless wrapped in my warm blanket of my handle I can say without fear of retribution what truth is to me. 

[tinfoil]Now this Isn’t the end of the world. It’s only a video game, but now that the social networks have opened Pandora’s box and the governments around the world reach their tentacles into the toobs; the Internet could be a very different place in 2020.[/tinfoil]