Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Super 8

Those who saw Iron Man this weekend like us (worth every penny), were treated to a teaser trailer for Super 8; a new J.J. Abrams Written and Directed/Stephen Spielberg Produced monster movie coming out next summer.  Rumors for this film have been around for a while.  Abrams has said he wanted to make a "Tribute" film in the vein of early Spielberg popcorn movies (i.e. pre Empire of the Sun).  Trailer looks good; definitely reminds you of Cloverfield.  In fact before this Trailer went live many were speculating that it was Cloverfield 2.  Problem is the lil Clovie can't fit in a boxcar... 

Like any J.J. Abrams movie along comes the Viral marketing.  At the end of the teaser you see a film flicker like the end of a Super 8 reel.  If you slow it down it says "Scariest Thing I Ever Saw."  Luckily there was a registered domain; which was registered about a week after by the same registrar. went live over the weekend and treats you to a flash based computer terminal.  I won't spoil any of the fun,  I suggest checking it out. If you do want to cheat is all over ever detail of the site an the teaser.