Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Quickie Review of Robin Hood...

A story told 1000 time 1000 different way.  I can see where Ridley Scott was going.  This is a good take on the story overall.  If you didn't know this isn't really the Robin Hood story it's the story of Robin Hood.  It's a prequel.   

The biggest problem for me was despite this new direction the story was pasted together from the plots of at least 5 different movies.  A man come home from war and pretends to be someone he's not to trick the people who work for him, Sommersby.  Boy is sent away, boy become a man, man finds dead nobleman by side of road, man pretends to be the dead nobleman, man finds out his lost history and discovers that he really is noble, A Knight's Tale (Which is significant because this movies was actually written by Brian Helgeland who wrote A Knight't Tale.)  Any movie about the D-Day, except this time they land at Dover instead of Normandy, and this time the English are the Germans the French are the Allies, and the "Germans" win.  Freemasonry Legends, National Treasure.  It acts as a semi-sequel to Kingdom of Heaven. 

The largest change overall was the Robin's motivations.  There is a whole subtext where Robin, the son of a Stone Mason, and thus a "Freemason," takes up his father's mantle of a warrior for Liberty.  He wants the King to sign a document that would spell out the rules for kings and the rights of subjects, a pre-Magna Carta.  We all know in the traditional story Robin Hood's modus operandi, he takes from the Rich and Gives to the Poor.  He's a Socialist, in the purest sense.  For some reason Scott and co. decided that Socialism faux pas and what Robin Hood really needs to be is a Libertarian.  Gone is wealth redistribution. In is individual freedom and responsibility, and the unencumbered right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  I thought this to be odd, not bad necessarily, but odd.  I'd like to have been in the writing meeting when they discussed this aspect. 

I still recommend seeing it in the Theaters, but don't go out of your way you're not missing anything if wait to rent it.