Monday, May 17, 2010

Only in Japan: Couple Married by a Robot

A couple in Japan married this weekend in the first ever Robot presided wedding ever in the world.  This defiantly falls into the category of only in Japan.  The I-Fairy is more of a mechanical marionette than robot, her movements are controlled by a man off stage, and her words are pre-recorded.  In 50 years when were all old, and rely on our service bot to get around, or our children have a companion for life via their Haro or Teddy, or there is never a lonely night because we can always take the love bot our of the closet... we can thank the Japanese.  In 100 years when the robots have taken over, and we're living in holes just trying to survive and avoid being enslaved by the monstrous beasts... We can thank the Japanese. 

Source: CBS News
Via: Kotaku