Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nesroid Emulator for Android.

I was an Android Early adopter.  I bought an Unlocked G1 almost immediately as they became available in late 2008.  I love Android, but it did have some early glitches, and when the opportunity came up to get a $50 iPhone it took it.  I will say both system have their pros and cons.  The biggest difference is the "Walled Garden" approach of iPhone vs the Open Source approach of Android.  Both systems can essentially do the same things, the only big difference is you have to Jailbreak your iPhone to do it, but on Android almost anything you want is available at the Android Market, no questions asked.  This of all things includes emulators.  After nearly a year away I've dusted off the old G1, installed a custom ROM, (I didn't have to install a custom ROM, but they've quit patching the G1 so in order to get the newest Googlefied stuff like Navigation I had to find a different ROM) and got to installing searching for an installing new applications that didn't exist previously.

My favorite so far is Nesoid by a developer named yongzh is frankly the kind of stuff you dream of for a mobile platform.  As emulators go it's smooth and skips very few frames, even on my G1's crappy proc.  It has a simple interface, basically just file manager to pick and choose the ROM you want to play.  It has Game Genie support, On screen controls, and control mapping for keyboard; it will even work with a blutooth controller if you have one.  

It has two tiers of pricing.  The "Light" version is just the basic emulator, and for $4.99 you can get the "Full" version that also adds Save States.  If  you play RPGs you should go ahead and splurge on the full version as what it doesn't emulate is battery backup, so ROM Save state is the only way to save your game.  Nesoid isn't his only emulator either.  There's a GBC, GBA, SNES and Genesis emulators as well.

This has breathed new life into my Android Phone.  I'm not sure if I'll go back to it as a full time phone, but it may find it's way into by bag to hit up some Duck Tales when I'm bored at work; and when it comes to upgrading phones next time I think Android is back in the running.