Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Diary of Red Dead Redemption

If you are a gamer you are either playing Red Dead Redemption, saying you want to play Red Dead Redemption, or cursing Red Dead Redemption but secretly wanting to play it. The game has garnered universal acclaim over a variety of gaming channels, and I'm not here to tell you that the game is terrific, which it is. It will sound redundant if I talk about the graphics, the subtle nuances, and the superb storytelling. I'm mainly here to report that this game is probably one of the best games I've ever played. I hate to use the term "best" in any facet, but there are times when it's so undeniably appropriate that its BEST to go ahead and say it.

RDR was an emotional investment, at least for me. I tend to play games in that way. I get attached to the characters, get transported into that world, and have no qualms about that type of detachment. That's why I personally don't play too many war, or racing games. I loved sports games growing up, and now I've started to play them even less because of just the monotony involved. Anyways, I love a good story, and RDR delivered. There were so many strong moments in this game. There were so many situations that will still, years from now, make a lasting impression on me. I still have one of the random songs stuck in my head when I probably did one of the most heartfelt actions I've ever encountered in a video game. It was deep. That's what I love about Rockstar. They just knew exactly what they were doing. I bet that I could take Critic and Lonecow camping in Big Ben National Park, and we would SEE the game all around us. I have no doubt. It's that attention to detail that confounds me. Then again, the game has been in development for five years.

John Marston is probably Rockstar's best character yet. I was excited to step into his story and see the world that he created for himself. If we are talking about just GTA in general, I never had a connection to any of the main "protagonists". All of them were on the dirty side of the law, and there was no repentance, no guilt to be had. It made the characters seem very one-dimensional even though it was still a lot of fun. I found myself making solid choices with Marston from the get go. Whenever I felt that GTA vibe and wanted to do something immoral, I felt compelled not to, and John agreed. I wanted him to go have sex with a prostitute then it almost seemed like he turned to me and said, "Hey, I'm a family man, I can't do that." You want to play John in a good way. I never had the desire to kill indiscriminately or go on some rampage of destruction. That is not what John is about, that is what the multiplayer is for. Regardless of how I went through the story, like any game of this caliber, he can be played in so many different ways.

I do know there are people out there that are on the fence about this game. Some just don't like Westerns, some people even don't like open world games. It is probably best to avoid it if that is the case. But if you aren't playing Super Mario Galaxy 2, then you need to be playing this game. Heck, Lonecow is playing both.

I need to get my Red Dead fix.

Keep it savory.