Monday, May 24, 2010

Koi Koi Seven -- Episode 1

I've stumbled upon the absolute greatest first episode of a Shonen Anime/Manga ever.  Koi Koi Seven is, on the surface, a light hearted Harem story about a boy who happens to be a new student at an all girls school, who upon showing up find himself thrust into a war between two factions; and becomes the ward  of a group of seven super powered school girls known as the Koi Koi Seven.  It seems for some reason he's important, at the very least he's the absolute focus of all the girls in the school, such is normal with Harem shows.  What makes this the greatest first episode of Shonen Anime ever is the fact that it pretty much covers all the bases in it's first 22 minutes.

Gratuitous panty shot of over 100 girls simultaneously? Check. Lesbian seduction/sex scene? Check. Multiple "accidental," nose bleed inducing body flashes? Check. Pretty girls fighting each other? Check.  All typical character stereotypes coverd? Check.  This though is all par for the course.  What really pushes things over the edge is the final confrontation between the Koi Koi Seven and their evil arch-enemies (they don't seem to have a name, and why they're fighting doesn't seem to be clear to me yet) culminates with the arch-enemy girls donning Zaku-esque mobile suits and start to destroy the school; to which the KK7 are forced to use each of their unique powers to put down the assault. 

I like this show because it doesn't at all pretend to be something it's not, though it's not like Shonen are generally subtle.  This is a 12 episode series so I'll probably finish it, and report back if things get better or worse.