Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Can we all just agree Evangelion is bigger than Gundam?

So it was announced today that preorders for Evangelion 2.22 have reached 800,000. That is a whole hell of a lot of preorders for an anime title. The biggest selling first week DVD/Blu-Ray release in Japan is Michael Jackson's This is It at 2 million, or course this isn't at that level but it is staggering.

The title of this article, I admit, is mostly to aggravate Critic, who is an avid Gundam fan. I'll also gladly admit that per capita, Gundam fans spend more money. They buy 400 million dollars in model kits alone (well as a collective). It would be hard to penetrate those numbers on merchandise. But I would argue, model kit buyers are limited to a hard core Otaku crowd.

He also argues that only otaku and geeks buy Blu-Ray. These numbers are combined Blu-Ray and DVD. 450,000 of those preorders are Blu-Ray, and the other are DVD. By this estimate, half of Eva fans are Otaku, and the other half are just normal everyday people (well that might be a stretch. At least some of those numbers have to be people with horrible bouts of depression and angst).

Evangelion is breaking boundaries. Well, I guess it has always done that, but I think it can be safely said, that as a trademark, Evangelion is a bigger deal. It expands past the normal Akiba crowd.

Now if the Gundam 00 movie comes out and breaks these numbers on Blu-Ray/DVD then you have here on the Interwebs documented proof of my miscalculation and I will post pictures of me eating a hat of Critic's choosing, but I just don't think it will happen.

And even then, Evangelion 3.33 will smash any record possibly set by Gundam 00 and the cycle will continue indefinitely.

This little article of Flamebait has been brought to you by the letter E.