Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tsundere Tuesday: Saya Takagi

I'm going to shake things up a bit and instead of focusing on a Tsundere from anime, this week's feisty diva comes from the pages of the manga, Highschool of the Dead. And her name is Saya Takagi.

For the layman, Highschool of the Dead is exactly as it's name implies. A zombie tale, in the spirit of Romero type stories, that starts off in a high school and expands from there. Zombie movie fans should give this book a read. It isn't draped in Japanese mythology or magic. There are no magic girls fighting zombies, just highschool kids with guns and a strong sense of survival.

As for the Tsundere element, Saya Takagi grew up as the daughter of a wealthy right-wing extremist, and that background has undoubtedly fused its way into her personality. On top of that, her IQ is at genius levels, which she reminds her traveling companions every chance she gets. But she backs up her boastfulness with results. She is able to deduce that an atomic bomb that was detonated high above Tokyo skies had the effect of a super powered EMP, which shut off all electronics is Japan. Because of her smarts the group is able to stay one step ahead of all the other survivors of the zombie apocalypse, who are struggling to just keep their head above water.

There are many beautiful, intelligent, and compelling girls in Highschool of the Dead, of which Takagi is a member. She plays an important part, but she isn't a main focus of the story, unfortunately. Regrettably in one of the first issues, her contacts get dry and she is forced to sport glasses for most of the rest of the manga. I usually am not a fan of glasses girls in anime/manga, but I don't mind it so much with Saya. She doesn't have the soft melancholy look that most artists draw girls with glasses. You can still see her tough, sassy, fiery temper behind those transparent ovals. And it makes the few times she removes the glasses, that much more of a treat.

Sadly, being a manga, there isn't a whole lot in the way of pictures or merchandise of Saya or any of the Highschool of the Dead characters. But in October I am sure that will be remedied as the manga gets a full blown anime adaptation. However, the manga took a year long hiatus and seems to be no where near a conclusion, so be weary that the show might end in dreaded filler. But I remain hopeful because the trailer matches the manga frame by frame (but with smaller busts on the girls but lots more jiggle).

In any case when the anime starts in October, keep an eye out for this saucy Tsundere: Saya Takagi.

(Can you guess which one is Saya?)