Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tsundere Thursday: Callie Maggotbone

I'm not going to throw you for one loop, but two. Instead of having Tsundere Tuesday, I'm giving you Tsundere Thursday, and instead of giving you a cute Japanese anime girl, I'm giving you demonic American cartoon character.

Wait! Don't go just yet.

Sure, she might not technically be Tsundere since she isn't Japanese. But Tsundere is a made up term anyway so it already had a blurry border. And really, strictly speaking you can't get more Tsundere then a half demon, half human girl. She is pretty much the most extreme example of a Tsundere.

Callie Maggotbone comes from the cartoon on Comedy Central called "Ugly Americans". As for Callie herself, she isn't just any normal half demon succubus, she is the daughter of Satan himself! Her mother was a human ritual sacrifice for Satan, and when the two came together, out came Callie. For a demon she is actually very level headed, all things considered, but her bad side is not something you want to be on the other end of.

If you aren't watching "Ugly Americans", you probably should be. After years and years of seeing horrible show come and go after South Park (Drawn Together is at the pile of that shit list, followed by Lil Bush, and Mind of Mancia (not sure if that was after South Park but it needs to be noted for its extreme suckatude)), I initially immediately switched the channel when I saw the title screen for this show pop up. Once, twice, three or four times burned and all that.

However, the other night I kept it on Comedy Central while I did something else, and this Ugly Americans show totally pulled me in and caught my interest. It's funny and clever, and a little bit sexy. Everything Drawn Together wanted to be but failed every single time.

So I admit part of Callie being honored here today is a little bit like me making a deal with the devil to try and spread word about this really good American made animated comedy. We need more of these.

Sadly there isn't much in the way of Callie fan service pics (or ANY pics for that matter), and this screen cap was all that I could manage, but I am certain some Deviant Artist is working Rule 34 as we speak.

Ugly Americans Official Site