Friday, April 23, 2010

Introducing Idol Friday! Kim Tae Yeon

Enough of these Virtual Idol's lets see some real ones!

Sadly, I'm going to somewhat retire Hatsune Friday's. Don't get me wrong though. If something amazing happens in the realm of Hatsune Miku, I'll be the first to post it, but for now I am changing it to a (hopefully) more weekly feature, showcasing an idol of my choosing.

Though you might expect me to kick this feature off with a Japanese idol, I'm actually going to another Eastern Country first, South Korea, where this week's idol hails from.

Her name is Kim Tae-Yeon, and she is a member of the idol supergroup Girls Generation (or SNSD as it is more commonly referred to).

Girls' Generation is like the Wu-Tang Clan of K-Pop. They have nine different members. To continue with the above ridiculous analogy, Tae-Yeon would be the RZA of the group as she is the groups "leader".

Born March 9th, 1989 this young beauty was discovered in a talent show in 2004 and from there her career blossomed. After joining SNSD, she has continued to have success outside the group as well, starring in game shows (We Got Married), starred in musicals, and launched her own successful solo career.

Despite all this she is still an active member of the group that launched her career.

I realize I'm kind of late to the game with my SNSD appreciation, but I first learned about them when they did a Samyang Ramen commercial last year to the tune of the Bubble Bobble theme music:


Here is a good interview with her about her upcoming musical. they also have a lot more cute pictures.

And some more SNSD music videos: