Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Gundam News Aggregation...

I know... it's been a slow 7 days, and I apologize, work, life, etc; If only blogging could be my full time job...  There are to big Gundam news items that have gone out over the last few days that I though were interesting.

First, the 1:1 RX-78 Gundam Statue that was displayed last year in Odaiba, has recently been moved to outside the JR station in Shizuoka, will have a new addition:  A 1:1 scale beam saber.  I know, this is somewhat old new for those in the know.  I think it hit the tubes around 2 weeks ago.  Regardless based on the mock-up pictures the Saber will be about 35-49ft long, and held in the the Gundams Right hand.  The end of the saber will be simulating cutting into a Block at the base of the statue.  Pretty sweet.  I so wish they had built this thing for permanent installation.  It's made of fiberglass so it wouldn't stand up to particularly extreme whether.  Hopefully, though it's still erect somewhere when I plan on going back to Japan next year.

The Second Bit of Gundam news is a new Gundam themed cafe will be opening in Akibahara next year.  Bandai plans to open the cafe outside of the JR railway station.  It will server a number of Gundam Themed foods like a special Jaburo blend coffee and "Gun-Pla-Yaki" which from what I can tell is a donut in the shape of the Original RX-78 Gundam model.  It will also sell Model Kits and the newest Gundam franchise merchandise.  Again, more reasons to be excited about going back to Japan.  I wonder how long they've been working this one out.  I remember all of the store fronts directly outside of the JR station were closed and boarded up in Fall '08 when I was there last.  It's possible they've had this planned for a while.

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Source: Gundam Cafe