Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gantz Live Action TV Spot and other gripes

I'm a huge fan of Gantz manga, as I've stated numerous times on this blog. Also I've talked about this movie before on this blog.

I have to say in the images from what you can see it looks incredibly faithful to the manga. So I'm actually getting a little excited about this.

That being said, and this criticism isn't limited to the live action Gantz, but nearly all live action Japanese films. Why in the world are all their "trailers" and "TV spots" just a collection of behind the scenes shots of the actual film?

I'm a video editor by trade, and this is my business, and perhaps I should love the Gondry-esque idea of seeing the workings of film and seeing how it gets put together should get me excited to see the movie. But it doesn't get me excited. In fact, nothing takes me out of the mood quicker then seeing "making of" and "behind the scenes" footage. Hell I even hate watching that stuff on DVDs. That is slightly blaphamous to say in my field, as I should be looking at that stuff and constantly learning, etc. Screw that, I'd rather figure out how to do it myself. It completely ruin's the movie for me to see people working on set, because when I see the finished product, all I can think about is that damn C-Stand standing just out of frame that was shown in the "making of" footage.

This used to be a trait mostly exclusive to Japanese trailers, but it's slowly leaking it's way over here in the west. The new "trailer" for Robert Rodriguez's Predators was nothing more then behind the scenes footage, with, yes, an ugly ass C-Stand propping up something in every shot.

And that is to say nothing for the fact that every movie you go see now in theaters not only has a handful of television commercials, but also includes a ten minute "Behind the scenes" special of some in production movie that I am forced to watch because I got to the theater in a reasonable amount of time. Fantastic. Oh look there is Morgan Freeman on set talking to a guy in green spandex who will inevitably be replaced by some talking CG creature. But the damage has been done and the illusion is now ruined, and when that movie comes out all I will be able to picture is that idiot in green spandex talking to Morgan Freeman.

The above example was hypothetical and I don't know of any movie that features Morgan Freeman talking to a CGI creature that is currently in development. But there probably is, and it will probably be in needless 3D. However, that is an argument for another day.