Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tsundere Tuesday: Sheryl Nome

In keeping with a theme, today's lovely Tsundere comes straight from the Macross Universe which I am thoroughly wrapped up in at the moment. Specifically she is from Macross Frontier and is the signature female pop idol.

I must admit however, in nearly every anime/game/movie I watch I instantly fall in love with the Tsundere and want her to succeed. In Macross Frontier that feeling has been a slow burn. I like her character immensely, but it is Ranka, the other female protagonist I want to see more of.

This is partly due I think, because when Nome first arrive on the scene, she is in full TsunTsun (i.e. the aggressive, hard to approach part of being a Tsundere) and we really don't see the Deredere (the sweet or loving side) at all. Even a character like Asuka, although she is abrasive and not very lovable when she is introduced, give a slight hint of a softer side. With Sheryl Nome there is none... at first.

It only takes one episode before it is more or less revealed that being a pop idol gives her two personalities. One for the public and one for behind the scenes. Her behind the scenes personality is still very much Tsundere, but with more weight put on the dere then the tsun.

So because of her unique foray into the realm of Tsundere I decided she was a good fit for this feature. I like to showcase Tsundere's who go above and beyond the call of duty.