Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tsundere Tuesday: Chidori Kaname

This last weekend, myself, Critic and Diviner decided to all get together and get through a series that we should have seen by now but none of us had: Full Metal Panic! In some future articles we hope to all share our opinions on the show as we progress through it, but I figured incorporating the main heroine into Tsundere will be a nice preamble for future coverage.

The heroine of course is, Chidori Kaname. If you don't recognized her name, chances are you have seen her face plastered somewhere at any con or local anime dealer. As it was that face that seems to be everywhere I look at the aforementioned locals, that finally led me to say, "Hey, maybe I should see what all this 'Full Metal Panic!' business is all about."

Going into the series I half expected her to be the sweet little school girl that falls in love with the silent brooding military guy. And I was pleasantly surprised to see that she was a full blown Tsundere.

To be fair she is more on the deredere side of the spectrum, and due to the countless misunderstandings (is this School rumble I'm watching?) that happen in the first few episodes it's easy to relate to her hostility towards the male lead, Sousuke Sagara. Regardless the writers could have gone the way of making her shy away from Sousuke when she sees him participating in some mistakenly lude behavior. Instead she lets her tsuntsun flag wave and resorts to all out violence and hostility.

It is for this behavior I have chosen to bestow the honor of Tsundere of the week to Chidori Kaname. Admittedly I'm still early on in the series, and perhaps her immortalization here is premature, but I can't wait to see more of what her Tsundere side brings to the enjoyment of the audience and the misfortune of Sousuke.