Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Otaku at Work

I just made basically this same post at, but I figured I'd share on my own blog as well.

Slowly but surely I started bringing some of my figures from home, to the office. It was a gradual takeover but now they dominate my office space. Being in a creative field, I justify having them around by saying they bring inspiration. And to a degree I find that is true, I'm in a better mood now that everywhere I look I get to see something from some show/game/movie that I love and as a result I think my work ends up being better.

So here are some pics from my current office set up:

Of course I have my Hatsune Miku Figma happily holding/charging my iPhone for me. As well as Senjogahara telling me what time it is.

I have Transformers everywhere and I didn't take as many pictures of them as I wish I had. Here are two of my three base stations I have up here: Star Convoy and Omega Supreme. Metroplex is to the right. Not sure why I left him out of the pic.

Some of my other Transformers. Mostly all my Rodimus Primes, and some of the Transformer Classics behind them. They are making sure no one makes any unauthorized prints.

The bin above my head is like my figure garage. I exchange the ones on my desk with the ones inside here occasionally. Or sometimes if I'm feeling a really big creative slump I'll open the drawer and bask in their warmth.

Saber helps keep track of my editing notes for me.

And Konata is my business manager.

I've actually already added/changed some stuff from when I took these pics so maybe I'll put more of these up at a later date.

I'd also like to see or hear about anyone else experiences with displaying figures/art at work and what kind of reactions you get from others.