Friday, March 12, 2010

Hatsune Miku Friday! Project DIVA 2

I admit I've dropped the ball on my weekly features, Hatsune Miku Fridays and Tsundere Tuesdays. Frankly there hasn't been a ton of Miku news, and the Tsundere Tuesday depends if I'm watching any anime with Tsundere's present.

But enough with excuses. At least Miku Friday is back, albeit I should have done something on the 9th since that was Hatsune Miku day. But I was filming in Butler, Pennsylvania and had no way to update the site.

Sorry! I just gave more excuses.

Regardless here is a good morsel of Miku deliciousness. On July 29th the sequel to the fantastic PSP game: Hatsune Miku Project DIVA will be released. I've already preordered my copy from AmiAmi.

The first game had some great unlockables and fantastic replay value. The sequel seems to want to one up that by adding, the ability to edit your own music videos using Miku in real time, added a duet mode, and the ability to share the videos you make with friends. They also say if you own the first one, hang on to it, as you get more stuff in the sequel.