Monday, March 22, 2010

Give Nanami a chance

Adorable. Simplistic. Naive. Loving. All these traits represent the lovable Nanami Takahashi in the anime Bokura Ga Ita. A bit ago I had a hankering for some shojo anime, and I took a leap of faith and started watching it. To say this is simply the "good girl finds guy and falls in love" scheme is ill advised. This show has plenty of depth, and to much of my surprise, a fantastic female protagonist. With a lot of romantic comedies we are usually a privy to an oblivious male lead that from the start, has his pick of every hot female character in the show. We then go through 26 episodes while he narrows them down, and by that time we are annoyed and forget about it months later. In Bokura Ga Ita, we take an excursion of love with Nanami and, we want her to win. We want her to fall in love and if she gets hurt (which is inevitable), we want that sucker to pay. What is refreshing about her is that she knows what she wants and she is committed to doing whatever she can to achieve it. She does not sacrifice her integrity just to get the guy she wants, but tries to be herself which is a terrific message to convey to anybody. The show has its funny moments, and Nanami provides a nice bit of comedic relief as well.

You have to have a bit of a tender heart to get into this show, but if you are in for a realistic portrayal of love, and a female character that is adorable and good hearted, you'll enjoy Bokura Ga Ita. Give Nanami a chance.