Monday, March 22, 2010

EA To Start Charging for Game Demos.

Kohato brings word of a new Electronic Arts marketing strategy that aims to start monetizing game demos. According to industry analyst Michael Patcher after an EA investor visit, the publisher will start selling "premium downloadable content" prior to a game's release for $10-$15 that is essentially a longer-than-usual demo. Patcher said, "I think that the plan is to release PDLC at $15 that has 3-4 hours of gameplay, so [it has] a very high perceived value, then [EA will] take the feedback from the community (press and players) to tweak the follow-on full game that will be released at a normal packaged price point." He also made reference to a comment from EA's CEO John Riccitiello that "the line between packaged product sales and digital revenues would soon begin to blur."
So let me get this straight.  They expect us to pay $15 for the first 3-4 hours of content, and then turn around and pay $60 for the rest?  Most games, except for a small few, only have 10-20 hours of content to begin with.  This will go over like a lead balloon.  

Picture:  Mr. ShadowBlade4d4's Photobucket