Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's just a Misunderstanding!

I remember when I was a teenager going into my senior year of high school. I was assured of the varsity starting quarterback spot, and I had one of the cutest cheerleaders around. Texas football is a culture and I lived it. I loved the pep rallies because I was always able to make a little speech before the student body. I'd recall how nothing pumps me up more than Cat Steven's Peace Train, and how I believed John F. Kennedy was an alien, and how drinking your urine in the morning was healthy. Everyone cheered. I'm sure they weren't paying attention.

I recall the Kraft macaroni and cheese and Crispix as a pregame snack. Buster Mcfadden would drop by and pick me up a few hours before game time. We'd discuss Jung philosophy and how much he had a crush on my girl Kim Schellbert. He'd get a little too explicit and I would be forced to remind him how cute girls dislike obese men, and that they especially dislike those who put bacon lard in their sweet tea. He didn't get it though. Mcfadden died of a heart attack at 19. Anyways, we'd laugh about how we would conquer the world, travel to Saskatchewan and learn squash. We lost ourselves in thoughts about how we'd move to an area where their would be singing crows, plate tectonics that would only move if you asked them to, and Gatorade tasting moonshine flowing down our OWN mountain. I still yearn for a singing crow.

What is troubling me this night is the one that got away. Sure, Kimberly Schellbert was a peach. I had my cheerleader fantasy checked off, and she had a gorgeous mouth. However, I remember the one that intrigued me at first sight. That perplexing girl that gave me such an intense longing day in and day out. I'd see her daily while I was doing my routine morning salute to the staff. At the beginning of my senior year, every morning I would walk up to Principal Tudor and stink palm him. I took advantage of the fact that I had a mandatory morning workout session with Coach Santor, so I knew that my body odor would be delightfully foul. Before I'd take a shower, I'd make sure to pay Tudor a visit. I would run to Principal Tudor's office with my hand up my buttocks. Since I was king of that school, no one gave me a passing glance. They thought I was being hilarious and trendy. When I made it to Tudor's office, he would always enthusiastically welcome me in. I would commend him on how he ran such a "tight ship", almost break his hand with the force of impact from the handshake, and squeezed until I'm sure his hand smelled like a dirty diaper.

There is some relevance, I promise. Every time I ran through the hall with my hand up my rectum, I'd notice her. Her long legs, long black hair. Her eyes that looked so intense that she might as well be staring through me. I always wanted to know what was behind those eyes. What mysteries would be found? Was she supernatural? Does she like Ricki Lake? I had to know. I was the king of that school, why did she not seek me out instead of forcing me to have these fleeting feelings? There had to be a misunderstanding and I needed to investigate the issue. I didn't though. Not once. Every morning after Principal Tudor was stink palmed, I'd walk back to the athletics department with my hand stinking and heart aching. I couldn't leave Schellbert. Going after the unknown "emo before there was emo" beauty was not in the cards. Schellbert did anything I wanted. She was very accommodating. Now as an adult, I can only summon my memories of that senior year. It is impossible to forget her. Eyes that could castrate a man, but at the same time probably turn water into a Gatorade tasting moonshine. Bliss.

Fortunately, I starting watching an anime called Kimi Ni Todoke. It's shojo, and it's so far very interesting. You guessed it, the main female reminded me of my dark saint. The story revolves around a wonderful high school girl named Kuronuma Sawako. She is comically shy, passionately honest, and just wants to be liked by her classmates. Because of her appearance she is always misunderstood and in turn ostracized. When a student who is inherently outgoing and popular starts engaging in Sawako, it unleashes a yearning inside her to try and change the attitudes of her classmates. I adore her already, and this will not change. The show allows her to be very funny, while still adhering to the adorable shojo that we all know and love.

I'm only a few episodes in, but I believe this will be one of those great feel good shows. Series similar to these are almost always predictable, but while that may be so, I'm along for a ride which I suspect will be exciting and darn funny. Give Sawako and Kimi Ni Todoke a chance. While you are at it, stink palm someone you love. Let me rephrase: Stink palm someone, and you may fall in love.


Tsundere Tuesday: Chidori Kaname

This last weekend, myself, Critic and Diviner decided to all get together and get through a series that we should have seen by now but none of us had: Full Metal Panic! In some future articles we hope to all share our opinions on the show as we progress through it, but I figured incorporating the main heroine into Tsundere will be a nice preamble for future coverage.

The heroine of course is, Chidori Kaname. If you don't recognized her name, chances are you have seen her face plastered somewhere at any con or local anime dealer. As it was that face that seems to be everywhere I look at the aforementioned locals, that finally led me to say, "Hey, maybe I should see what all this 'Full Metal Panic!' business is all about."

Going into the series I half expected her to be the sweet little school girl that falls in love with the silent brooding military guy. And I was pleasantly surprised to see that she was a full blown Tsundere.

To be fair she is more on the deredere side of the spectrum, and due to the countless misunderstandings (is this School rumble I'm watching?) that happen in the first few episodes it's easy to relate to her hostility towards the male lead, Sousuke Sagara. Regardless the writers could have gone the way of making her shy away from Sousuke when she sees him participating in some mistakenly lude behavior. Instead she lets her tsuntsun flag wave and resorts to all out violence and hostility.

It is for this behavior I have chosen to bestow the honor of Tsundere of the week to Chidori Kaname. Admittedly I'm still early on in the series, and perhaps her immortalization here is premature, but I can't wait to see more of what her Tsundere side brings to the enjoyment of the audience and the misfortune of Sousuke.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hatsune Miku Friday!!!

There has been quite a dearth of Hatsune Miku news as of late.  So this week, to go alone with the rest of our Macross coverage here is Ms. Hatsune singing VOICES by Yokko Kanno.

Here's the A Capella original if you'd like to compare and contrast.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Is this guy a Time Traveler?

He kind of looks like a young Doc Brown, so I think it is a strong possibility.

This pic is getting attention on the nets and of course everyone is yelling, "Photoshop" or "Photoshoppe".

It probably is, but here is the source for the original image: The Bralorne Public Museum, in British Colombia.

Now I'm not going on the record saying if I believe this guy is actually a time traveler, an eccentric ahead of his time in fashion, or a digital insert, but the whole thing raises an important question.

In today's world of technology and digital manipulations, if we actually saw something otherworldy or paranormal, would anyone really believe it? Or just say it's "photoshopped"?

What I'd really like to do is take this picture back in time to the early 80s, before Photoshop and show the people there... wait a second.... TIME PARADOX!!!!!

The Man, The Myth, Weird Al.

Despite how good Walk Hard was, I would have rather seen this.  It's sort of genius to have the story of Weird Al, a guy who makes his living doing parody, itself turned into a Parody of Music Bio-Pics.  let's hope this Mock Trailer, like Jay and Seth Vs The Apocalypse, garners enough attention to warrant a studio to greenlight this.

I love this song: Welcome to my Fanclub's Night

Not surprisingly, it's a song from Macross Frontier which I am in the middle of the series. It might not be the song that I love so much as opposed to how it is used in the episode. But regardless it has the eerieness of the old Minmay songs from the original series, and a great hook that will be stuck in your head all day.

Also it goes to once again demonstrate how freaking talented Yoko Kanno is. The entire soundtrack and score for Macross Frontier has some of the most epic music I've heard in years. Hollywood movies today don't have score's like this show does. So much of the action is heightened and intensified by the music in Frontier. And as with any Macross show, the music must be perfect, and getting Kanno on board was the right move.

I'm also amazed by how she can perfectly adapt her music to whatever it is she is working on. She did the music for Plus and Frontier. Two Macross shows, but the soundtrack is completely different, yet both scores fit their respective show perfectly, and they still sound like her. It's a shame no one outside "anime circles" really knows who she is, because she is one of the most prolific musicians of our generation. And I really don't think it's a stretch to say that.

Of course the vocals in the above song and all "idol" songs are done by either May'n or Megumi Nakajima, but Kanno arranaged the music and made them even more awesome.

Tsundere Tuesday: Isoyama Yomi

This one was a tough one, and might be kind of a stretch, but this week's Tsundere falls more into the realm of a "really well developed character that happens to have a few Tsundere traits" but deep down she is still a Tsundere. She is Isoyama Yomi from the anime Ga-Rei ZERO.

Notice I say the anime, and not the manga, because the Yomi in the Ga-Rei manga is quite a different creature then her prequel counterpart, and also part of why it makes her so hard to define.

Yomi goes through many transformations in personality before Ga-Rei Zero begins, during, and even after it ends. I can think of only a few examples in modern anime where a character has fallen so hard to "the dark side", with such a beautiful young vibrant character turn into one of the most blood thirsty creatures in modern entertainment. She is compelling, and heartbreaking to watch.

Most of the series she is seen hanging around her "sister" and protege, Kagura. They have a borderline yuri relationship, but to Kagura she shows only deredere and no tsuntsun.

Her fiance, Noriyuki, and her attitude towards him are where her Tsundere traits shine to their fullest. In public they are outright violent and hostile towards each other, but when he is able to get her alone, they are both affectionate to one and other and clearly deeply in love.

My reasons for picking her as the Tsundere of the week is slightly dubious as I want to raise more awareness of Ga-Rei ZERO. I realize it is a fairly well known series, but it came out in a year against a bunch of heavy hitters, and I'm sure there were a lot like me who passed up this true gem of a show. A lot of people are decrying the "end of anime", but it is shows like this and Bakemonogatari that I feel will find a new path for anime to take. It throws out a lot of conventions we are used to in anime series and creates something new and unique. Outright tragedy is something that isn't explored enough in character drama in anime.

Most people will also agree that the Manga industry is fine, and that there is a ton of good manga, compared to the not enough good anime. Ga-Rei Zero makes the manga infinitely better. It is a companion piece to the manga, and if you haven't read the manga I HIGHLY suggest you watch Ga-Rei ZERO first, and then read the manga. They are very different in terms of narrative, but they go hand in hand and result in leaving a lingering eerie feeling as you read and know all the tragic pasts of the characters who survived.

I got off on a tangent there, but I hope it helps to emphasis the power of this amazing character. Please Japan, we need more shows and characters like this. And if you have put off watching Ga-Rei ZERO, stop what you are doing and go watch it now.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Halo + Gundam == Awesome.

Gunpla modeler and mech designer MDGELO has created the MC-01 Zaku.  It's a mash-up of Master Chief's armor and the armor of a Zaku.  He started with your standard Zaku Master Grade kit and made modification to the Articulation and the Plastics to create this masterpiece.

Link:  Mechdesigns
Via:   Kotaku

EA To Start Charging for Game Demos.

via slashdot.org:
Kohato brings word of a new Electronic Arts marketing strategy that aims to start monetizing game demos. According to industry analyst Michael Patcher after an EA investor visit, the publisher will start selling "premium downloadable content" prior to a game's release for $10-$15 that is essentially a longer-than-usual demo. Patcher said, "I think that the plan is to release PDLC at $15 that has 3-4 hours of gameplay, so [it has] a very high perceived value, then [EA will] take the feedback from the community (press and players) to tweak the follow-on full game that will be released at a normal packaged price point." He also made reference to a comment from EA's CEO John Riccitiello that "the line between packaged product sales and digital revenues would soon begin to blur."
So let me get this straight.  They expect us to pay $15 for the first 3-4 hours of content, and then turn around and pay $60 for the rest?  Most games, except for a small few, only have 10-20 hours of content to begin with.  This will go over like a lead balloon.  

Source:  Slashdot.org
Picture:  Mr. ShadowBlade4d4's Photobucket

Give Nanami a chance

Adorable. Simplistic. Naive. Loving. All these traits represent the lovable Nanami Takahashi in the anime Bokura Ga Ita. A bit ago I had a hankering for some shojo anime, and I took a leap of faith and started watching it. To say this is simply the "good girl finds guy and falls in love" scheme is ill advised. This show has plenty of depth, and to much of my surprise, a fantastic female protagonist. With a lot of romantic comedies we are usually a privy to an oblivious male lead that from the start, has his pick of every hot female character in the show. We then go through 26 episodes while he narrows them down, and by that time we are annoyed and forget about it months later. In Bokura Ga Ita, we take an excursion of love with Nanami and, we want her to win. We want her to fall in love and if she gets hurt (which is inevitable), we want that sucker to pay. What is refreshing about her is that she knows what she wants and she is committed to doing whatever she can to achieve it. She does not sacrifice her integrity just to get the guy she wants, but tries to be herself which is a terrific message to convey to anybody. The show has its funny moments, and Nanami provides a nice bit of comedic relief as well.

You have to have a bit of a tender heart to get into this show, but if you are in for a realistic portrayal of love, and a female character that is adorable and good hearted, you'll enjoy Bokura Ga Ita. Give Nanami a chance.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Filler Vol. 1

Anything with the headline of "filler" should make any serious anime fan cringe. To the laymen, they are usually unaware if filler is in front of their eyes, but as they begin to ponder the unnecessary plot devices poking around in their favorite long running shows, common sense paves the way. I understand the point of filler. If we are getting down to brass tacks here, filler is just a way of making money. Of course it keeps the shows interest high to its certain demographic, but it's there to make some more money. In my opinion filler is designed to control fans. Studios must think that If we give a show half the attention it deserves, the anime community is too starved and stupid to say no! They'll pump as much content as they want to produce until it catches up with the manga. If a show is good enough, I think the public will wait around for more…not cheap substitutes. Lonecow and myself both got into Bleach and Naruto at the same time. We also told ourselves we would never watch those shows again. The filler in both was too depressing, and if you followed those shows when they were interesting (and stayed true to the manga), it makes a total joke of the protagonists early adventures. Remember Naruto when it took you a long time to use Rasengan? In filler you can use the Rasengan and eat a bowl of ramen at the same time! Bleach and Naruto are shows that are too easily recognizable for their filler blunders. I'm still cleaning my toilet after experiencing the Bount arc. I'm here to briefly talk about one of my favorite shows that experienced horrible fillers.

Rurouni Kenshin.

The OVAs are nothing short of terrific, but I have a soft spot in my heart for the first two seasons. I watched Rurouni Kenshin in the middle of my turn from novice fan, to dedicated consumer. I remember almost every day, I'd watch five to six episodes , eagerly anticipating the next. The show had the right amount of action, interesting characters, and cheesy moments. I even appreciated how the show blended history and fantasy. That all came crumbling down after season two. Instead of even trying to convey a cohesive story, the series turned into a slice of life. It was terrible and insulting. I remember when I saw the Pelican Brief at the dollar movie with a friend when I was 12. Yep you guessed it, I had no idea what was going on. It was the same with Rurouni Kenshin filler. Kenshin was just a shadow of the character you grew to love in the beginning, and all of the other that the series worked so hard in the beginning to develop, became jokes. Even his relationship with Kaoru became dreadful. Throughout the first 62 episodes, you couldn't peel me away from the television. After I got into the meat of the fillers, I couldn't count the number of times I fell asleep. We have to look out for one another. We can't let people waste their time like that. For example, if any one out there is watching InuYasha, please stop.

You want to know the true Battosai? Watch this excellent series, but don't go past episode 62. You've been warned.

P.S. I loved the opening for the first season. Enjoy.

Friday, March 19, 2010

The way cosplay is supposed to be done

GamePro Australia has post the top 111 hottest cosplay girls.  I'm usually not interested in cosplaying, but this made my... erm... interest rise...  Here's a taste:

Source and More pics:  Gamepro.com.au

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Vol 1: A Review

This has been a long time coming.  It's been a year since it was announced.  I've had  it on pre-order from Amazon since early January.  Being an OVA it will be at least a year before the story will end.  Anyhow on with the review.

I received the disk on Friday, release day (gotta love Amazon), and have already watched it three times. Once with subs, once dubbed, and once again with subs. I'm fairly agnostic in the subs v dubs debate, but I will admit that when a dub is bad it's usually really bad. One can usually trust Bandai to do a good job on dubbing, especially on their more serious series like Gundam and Code Geass. No exception here, the Dubbing was excellent. Sync was great and the script matched closely to the subs. 

This was the first anime I've seen on Blu-ray and I have to say I was impressed. The Animation was smooth and crisp. There was a noticeable difference in cell count vs TV anime, even Gundam.  The Sound was also good.  Being a Blu-ray there was full 5.1 Digital Dolby as well as normal Stereo.  Effects were great, and immersive; some sound editor some where deserves a cookie.  

The story is unique as it is the first time since 08th MS Squad that they story has returned to the Universal Century.  It also seems to be striving to act as a bookend to what was done in MS 08th Squad, whether it was intentional or not.  08th MS Squad was suppose to be about the "Real" One Year War, it was to explore how the average MS Squad fought and lived on the battle field in the Jungles of SE Asia.  Unicorn seems to have a much higher aspirations.  They intend to explain it all.  Why humanity has gone down this path in the Universal Century, and how to finally put the fighting to an end.  

The show opens to the speech by the President of the Earth Federation giving the dedication speech in one of the first space colonies ringing in the year UC 0001.  In the middle of the speech there is an explosion that destroys the colony.  This event is knows as the Laplace Incident.  A lone astronaut who was outside the colony is blown clear, and seems to come into possession of some kind of object.  This object will become the MacGuffin the "Laplace Box."   What's unique here is that for the first time, that I know of, the Universal Century is established to directly succeed Anno Domini, previously this has remained somewhat of a mystery. 

Fast Foward to UC 0096.  It's been three years since the events of the Neo Zeon war of Char's Counter Attack, and 16 years since the One Year War.    Neon Zeon is still around but in hiding from Londo Bell and the Earth Federation.  Tensions are still high, but calm, and normalcy have taken over the lives of your average spacenoid.  New Types are only seen as myths and legends.  Products of battle field hype more than anything. 

Our hero this time around is Banagher Links, 16 year old first year student at Anaheim Electronics Technical College.  Anaheim Electronics is the manufacturing company based on the moon who build the very first Mobile Suits.  Always Neutral throughout all of the various wars they provided arms to who ever would buy them; who they are and their motivations over the years will be a major plot point in the overall Unicorn story.  Back to Banagher.  He's an Orphan, is mother died a few years prior, and he doesn't know who is father is.  He's appropriately angsty for a Gundam Protagonist, but he's on the calner side of the continuum.  Close to Athrun Zala than he is someone wound tight like a Kamille Bidan  He's more passionate about stopping war than he is with proving himself to anybody.  So far, this may be the first Gundam series to not debate the theory of Just War in one fashion or another.  He also is already showing Newtype tendancies.  He can sense danger, and the presese of other Newtypes. 

Our Heroine, at least initially is "Audry Burn" aka Mineva Zabi.  She is the head sovern of the Zabi family, and thus also the leader of Neo-Zeon.  Her goal is to prevent the coming war by preventing Zeon from obtaining Laplace Box.  She is the first returning character from previous Gundam Series.  She played a minor role in Zeta Gundam. 

Cardeas Vist is the primary antagonist of the first episode hes the head of the Vist Foundation and by default also Anaheim electronics.  His Grandfather Syam Vist was the young man who came into possession of the Laplace Box during the Laplace incident in UC0001.  The Laplace box has given the Vist Family and Anaheim great power and success, but we're told that this success has come with a price.  What that is is unclear at this point.  Cardeas believes it's time to give the box up, and is in the process of making a deal with Zeon for it.  Zeon is surprised that his intention is to give them the "Key" to The Laplace box and not the box itself.  Right as their about to make a deal everything goes wrong.  Londo Bell discovers Zeon and attacks.  They fight is brought into the colony itself, much of it is destroyed. 

During this battle Banagher finds his way into the Mobile Suit Hanger.  He approaches the Unicorn Mobile Suit, where he sees Cardeas in the cockpit working.  He confronts him, wanting answers as to why he's so hell bent on giving Zeon the Laplace Box and starting war.  Cardeas talks about what a double edged sward the box is and how it is as much of a curse as it is a blessing.  It's was time for Vist to give it up, and let the final battle begin.  Banager, angry, lashes out extoling the horrers of war, and if all he wants to do is help Mineva stop war.  Cardeas content, and also dying from a gunshot wound, grabs Banager's hand, and links the Unicorn Mobile Suit to his biometrics.  Banager sits down in the seat and the cockpit starts whirring to life.  As he back out, slowly bleeding to death Cardeas wishes he had more time, more time to spend with his only son.  He was happy they were able to meet even for such a short period of time, and glad that Banager was in possesion of the Unicorn as it was built for him, it was his destiny to wield it, The Key.  (Yes I'm sure that's a slight EVA Nod). 

Banagher takes off to go defend the Colony from the remaining Zeon suit.  The Unicorn is infinately powerful and is able to push the enemy buy sheer force.  It crushes the enemy's hand.  Once in open space the Zeon Suit activates it's funnles, this triggers the Unicorn to transform.  It glows with energy, armor is moved around and the the Unicorn horn splits.... It's a Gundam.  Cut to Black.

This probably was the my favorite Gundam anything I've watching in a long time.  Destiny and 00 were good, but something always seemed to be lacking.  This was great combination of modern animation and story telling in addition to excellent use of Gundam Cannon.  There are still stories to tell in The Universal Century.  Its fine to watch without any knowledge of Gundam Mythos, it does a good job of explaining what needs to be explained.  Being a fan there is a lot of little details that can be picked up on.  I look forward to part II coming this fall. 

WTF Microsoft...

I'll get hell for this from Lonecow, but with the announcement of Windows Phone 7 things were finally looking up on the WinMo front.  It finally seemed that MSFT got it.  This seems... not to be case.

To understand the frustration we must first start at understanding how Microsoft is structured, and why this structure is a big steaming pile of FAIL.  Like many companies Microsoft is a "Project" based company.  When they have an idea a Project Manager get's assigned who job it is to build a team, and set forth to achieve his assigned task or goal.   For the last 25 years or so Microsoft had great success using this model to quickly and efficiently build new programs and devices and drive innovation.  "Look at what Apple is doing with GUIs let's build the best and most prolific GUI OS possible."  "Sony's printing money with video games; lets own the video game market."  Despite their faults when Microsoft wants to achieve something they have the resources and talent to do just about anything in the world they want.  Here though in-lies the problem, this way of doing thigs is myopic.  Your people are set forth to achieve a singular goal, with no regard for the overall environment.  In the Software days all that matter was, "will Word run on Windows,"  that was it; that was the extent of compatibility.  Then all of the sudden everything changed.  The tech world was converging.  People don't want 6 devices that do their own thing, they want 1 or 2 that work with everything.  This move in the market caught Microsoft on their heels.  Their system failed them.  They had great products: OS, video game system, media player, digital POS etc.  None of it worked together.  The Zune team build an awesome media players that had no integration in to any of the other environments; same with the XBOX Team or the Windows Mobile Team, or the Media Center team.  They have this habit of creating these initiative that create products that are truly mind blowing, but they don't belong to any larger ecosystem.  What Microsoft needed was in addition to Project Management they also need to focus on "Program Management."  Program management is managing the deliverable of various projects, and leveraging them to achieve larger goals.  How the people at the top could be so blind to the need for convergence I do know.  There should have been someone some where that realized 5 years ago that all of the products should work together, someone like Bill Gates or Steve Ballmer come to mind.

The reality is this is nothing new.  They knew this was a problem, and about a year ago decided to fix it.  They completely threw out everything they had worked on up to that point for Windows Mobile 7 and started over.  They leveraged what had already  been done to create the superb Zune HD, and created a new smart-phone OS that would not only compete head to head with Android, iPhone, and Palm; but also bring about some of the much needed ecosystem convergence.  Unveiled at the World Mobile Congress this year in Madrid the new "Windows Phone 7" does exactly what everyone has wanted; it brought Zune, XBOX Live, Bing, and PC all together in one tight little package.  The fans were excited and happy, I was exited and happy.  This week at MIX10 an annual Microsoft developers, developers, developers conference the new Windows Phone 7 SDK was the big news.  Each day little bits and peices would leak out about all kinds of additional goodies.  Then it happned.  An off the cuff remark in a break out session regarding extensions it came up that out of the box Windows Phone 7 does not have...

CUT AND FREAKING PASTE!!!!!   FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU.  Never in my life have I actually felt like the Hitler video; to have my giddy hopes dashed in such a quick and decisive maneuver.  In an instant it proved to me that Microsoft doesn't get it.  Further effort is futile.  The Russians, er Apple, have stormed Berlin, and it's all about to tumbling down around me.  There isn't someone pulling the strings making all of this stuff work right.  They aren't really listening to the people who buy their products.  No it's the same-old same-old.  I this is a little intense for something as minor as cut and paste, but there is more.  They also announced that apps for the platform cannot be side loaded, in other words loaded outside of the integrated apps store.  futhermore there isn't any multi-tasking.  One app at a time like iPhone.  I hate this.  They're going backwards.  These are both have been features of Windows Mobile for ages.  It's like not a single person spends any time on the internet and realizes that each of those points were some of the top things people hated about the iPhone.  Bringing a phone to market that doesn't have cut and paste out of the box means that regardless of how good everything else on the phone is you're still two years behind everyone else.    

I haven't lost all hope.  Perhaps they'll see the error in their ways before 4Q.  Who knows.  Maybe.  I'll try to keep interested enough to maybe possibly report back.  We'll see...

Seriously, WTF Happened to P.B. Crisps

Today we had some snacks in the kitchen, left over from a video shoot, so I rummaged through and found some Nutter Butters. After one bite I was reminded of two things.

1) I really hate Nutter Butters

2) They are like a crappier version of the much more delicious P.B. Crisps.

P.B. Crisps were a Planters product in the mid 90's that were absolutely delicious. I remember many days coming home from school and my mom would have my afternoon snack laid out for me so I could quickly grab it and go watch my favorite afternoon toon (probably around this time it would have been Animaniacs).

Yet, like so many great snacks back then, they disappeared quickly and quietly. The Internet is relatively sparce on info dealing with the whole vanishing of these great treats. And on the Wikipedia page for Planters it is listed as discontinued and the reason being, "they were too delicious". I'm sure someone edited that who was in the same situation as me, wondering directionless in time and space contemplating the sudden disappearance of their most favoritist snack and the only logical reason they came up with was, "Well there is no good reason for them to have taken it off the market other then it being too damn tasty." And thus the Wiki was modified.

For the people who passed by these scrumptious oddities (can you tell I'm running out of adjectives to describe these things?), essentially a P.B. Crisp was some kind of cookie, though it's equal I have never found, shaped like a peanut shell and filled inside with mouth watering creamy peanut butter.

The real tragedy in all this is that while P.B. Crisps had a brief but beautiful life, Nutter Butter continues to wreak it's havoc in the halls of Snack Foodom. And yet every 10 years or so I will try another Nutter Butter in hopes it will fill the void in my life created by the absence of P.B. Crisps, and then again remember how much I really despise Nutter Butters.

Does anyone out there in the vast expanse of cyberspace remember these delicious morsels, as fondly as I do? Or am I alone in my quiet admiration?

As always, the helpful Retrojunk has a small blurb about them in an article about discontinued food. And it is also where I stole the only known image in existence of P.B. Crisps.

I think I might turn this into a feature. A whole series of "Seriously, WTF Happened to...", though I think I'm at my limit at trying to keep with weekly updated articles.

The Manga Guide to Molecular Biology

In Japan there are textbooks that are presented in Manga form, as seen on the left.

In America, apparently, we have the same thing from a company called No Startch. However, the main difference between Japan's manga textbooks and America's is clearly the art, where the American art style is that same generic "manga" art that usually only graces the fan made T-Shirts you buy (or more likely don't buy) at conventions.

Regardless, it poses the question. If you could read about advanced physics or calculus in manga form, would you be more inclined to study it?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Uncanny Valley No More.

Last week Disney announced that they were closing up shop on Robert Zemeckis' Imagemovers Digital.  ImageMovers was joint venture between Disney and Zemeckis that at the time Disney thought would lead to the "Future" of filmaking.

 Disney's comment on the closing was "Given today’s economic realities, we need to find alternative ways to bring creative content to audiences."  In other words Christmas Carol tanked and James Cameron surpassed them.

Christmas Carol tanked because they opened it too early.  My guess is they were afraid of Avatar, rightly so, but instead of aiming for the more holiday friendly Thanksgiving weekend they opted to open on Halloween.  Sure the movie is about ghosts but it's a Christmas movie it belongs near Christmas.  In the end it did make $300M with only $130M in the US; it cost $150M to make, and Disney probably spent $100M on marketing.  So financially it was a stinker.

As for Cameron, it is true that his Mo-cap tech technically surpasses ImageMovies.  What Cameron brought to the table facial mapping which more accurately creates the facial movement of the characters, and thus narrowing the Uncanny Vally.  That said when it comes to pushing the medium forward Cameron and Zemeckis probably do belong in the same category.

Zemeckis is by no means done.  He made Mo-Cap movies before the Disney Deal in 2007 and he will continue.  Disney has already said they will still make his two Mo-Cap movies still in the pipeline, a remake of Yellow Submarine, and the children's book Mars Needs Moms.  Perhaps he should step away from Mo-Cap for a while and go back to doing some amazing live action.  Or go the Cameron route and make a hybrid movie.  Rodger Rabbit anyone?


I don't know how this got past me but late last year Viacom/Nickelodeon bought all rights to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from Mirage Studios.  So what does this mean?  One this effectively closes Mirage Studios. At this point their entire purpose was to be the purveyors of the TMNT franchise; additionally this breaks any link between the Eastman and Laird from the TMNT universe.   So I hope you all caught the Imagi's TMNT movie from 2007 because it's probably the closest we're ever get to a true Eastman and Laird style dark TMNT story on film.  Though Laird completely sold out, he did retain the right to publish up to 18 comics a year so Mirage Publishing will remain operative for now.

I fear what Nickelodeon will do to the property.  There is some hope, Nick isn't afraid of getting Zany, Gross or Genuinely funny.  I will admit to being a huge Fairly Odd Parents fan, and I've also been known to watch Spongebob when it's on.  Fairly Odd Parents specifically is a shows that's presented to children but is really written for everyone.  Like Animaniacs or Freakazoid it uses some pretty sophisticated humor that goes over the heads of most children.  There is nothing sophisticated about Spongebob but it is funny, stupid funny, but funny none the less.  Also when Nick Studios wants to get serious they do.  Though I've never watched it Avatar is suppose to be fairly good.  On the other side of the spectrum we have Dora the Explorer... I can only imagine Michaelangelo speaking Spanglish looking directly in the camera like a dumb-ass waiting for the kiddies to talk to the TV.

The only real hope for me is that they hire Paul Dini and/or Bruce Trimm to run the show.  Their interpretation of TMNT would be something I'd like to see.  Right now the details are slim on the new movie but 2012 is the current date.

Source:  ninjaturtles.com

Robotech 25th Anniversary Tour

This year marks Robotech's 25th anniversary in America. To celebrate certain guests and panels are touring across the states hitting most of the major anime Con's.

On Jun 4-6, it will be at A-Kon 21, in Dallas, which is where myself and the rest of the Zeonic Front will be. I know me and Critic will be attending these sessions. Diviner is fighting showing any interest in Robotech or Macross so he might be forced to check out all the cute cosplay girls by himself. Poor S.O.B.

For a list of more cities and more info on the Anniversary you can go to the official site.

Also anyone attending Anime Central in Chicago, IL will get to meet with Zeonic Front's favorite voice actor, Vic Mignogna!

Tsundere Tuesday: Sheryl Nome

In keeping with a theme, today's lovely Tsundere comes straight from the Macross Universe which I am thoroughly wrapped up in at the moment. Specifically she is from Macross Frontier and is the signature female pop idol.

I must admit however, in nearly every anime/game/movie I watch I instantly fall in love with the Tsundere and want her to succeed. In Macross Frontier that feeling has been a slow burn. I like her character immensely, but it is Ranka, the other female protagonist I want to see more of.

This is partly due I think, because when Nome first arrive on the scene, she is in full TsunTsun (i.e. the aggressive, hard to approach part of being a Tsundere) and we really don't see the Deredere (the sweet or loving side) at all. Even a character like Asuka, although she is abrasive and not very lovable when she is introduced, give a slight hint of a softer side. With Sheryl Nome there is none... at first.

It only takes one episode before it is more or less revealed that being a pop idol gives her two personalities. One for the public and one for behind the scenes. Her behind the scenes personality is still very much Tsundere, but with more weight put on the dere then the tsun.

So because of her unique foray into the realm of Tsundere I decided she was a good fit for this feature. I like to showcase Tsundere's who go above and beyond the call of duty.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Final Fantasy XIII Early Impressions

I don't do very many game reviews. Actually I don't do any, but once March rolled around, I definitely had a few games to look forward to. I adore the Final Fantasy genre, but I do not believe that every game Square and co put out is golden. I do appreciate their contributions to gaming, but I try to be unbiased when it comes to them because it is so easy to say they are great just because it's Final Fantasy. I am also not being paid to give a favorable review of the game.

Like every other review of this game, the game is indeed beautiful. I bought mine on the Playstation 3. I told myself long ago that the entire reason I bought a Playstation 3 was to play the new Final Fantasy. I couldn't betray my 2007 self, so I indeed bought it on the aforementioned system. So, I don't know the subtle petty differences between each system, and it doesn't really matter. The game will be beautiful any route you go. It looks so good at times that a gaming newbie could think the entire game (game play and all) looks like a splendid cut scene.

As an RPG junkie, and Final Fantasy veteran, I was ready to destroy some weird flan-like monsters and got introduced to the new battle system quickly. It is actually impressive so far. That will be probably the feature most people will have to acclimate themselves to. Everything is in real time, and you know longer control every party member. Your tactics are mostly built on a variety of roles each character can be. Healers, tanks, warriors etc are some of the general roles that each member of your party can choose from. You have to make sure that each character's role fits the type of battle you are in because situations can change in an instant. I like the level of strategy involved. With most RPGs in the past, as long as you grind for a long time, you'll be fine in almost any given situation. I think this game is shaping up to be a little different. Speaking of grinding, I'm starting to get the impression that its being phased out…thankfully. Sure the obsessive geekburger out there can max out every stat imaginable, but it is not necessary. Its a breath of fresh air, and it allows the gamer to sit back, use common sense and enjoy the game. Even though I'm only about fifteen hours in, I hope the days are over where half a day is devoted to just getting ready for one boss.
The leveling system is also new and interesting as well. The Crystarium has taken the place of traditional leveling. As you make your way through the game, defeating enemies will net you XP to use in the Crystarium. This is the way to increase hit points, strength and magic attributes. I'm liking it thus far. I'm refraining from going into vivid detail of how EVERYTHING has been going so far because I'm always afraid of spoiling something, regardless if it is plot driven. Chances are, if you want to play the game, you'll eventually play the game. This game has its supply of engaging characters, Asimov inspired cities, and chocobo exploits. It always happens. Do I believe this game is for everyone? I don't think so, but this is the first game I think will net a wider audience than anticipated. If you are interested in playing Final Fantasy XIII, wrap up any other games you have first. I know this entry is short based on the subject material, and I could have spent hours writing about a game I'm only fifteen hours into. Honestly, I want to stop writing and go play some more. It's that good. Simply put, this game is really fun so far, and Square Enix knows how to tell a story.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Becoming the Western Otaku

Being an otaku is not an easy chore. In comparison to anime fans over in Asia, I could very well be considered extremely passive. I think about a year ago I came to grips with being one, or at least being on my way to one. What I needed to understand was if I was going down an embarrassing road that I needed to steer clear from, or that I was only going down the regimented path that all anime fans eventually succumb to. What would my friends think? Is this natural? More importantly, what would females think?

Do not be afraid. Being an otaku is not that bad of a monster. Lonecow, and Critic are some of my closest friends in real life, and at least as a form of solace, they would not only understand my situation, but probably encourage it. What I had to watch out for were the friends that didn't get it. They are the friends that call everything in animation "cartoons", and couldn't tell the difference between Sailor Moon and Haruhi. They feel slightly embarrassed to like a Pixar movie. They think to themselves, "he is just going through a fad." The best thing I could do with each of them was to shove it in their faces as much as possible. That's obviously not going to work for everybody, but for me, it worked perfectly. (I probably just felt more vindicated) Sometimes my roommate (very close anime-hating friend) would wake up to my Haruhi figma "snapping" a picture of him. Other times, if he is in his bathroom, I'd have a Queen's Blade battle going on in there. It may be a little extreme, but when someone insults a hobby of yours, there is no choice but to get figma violent. I could have water-board him though…

However, with all of them things turned from insulting, to annoyance, to indifferent. I'll never sway any of my non-anime liking friends over to my side, but as long as they are indifferent to what I'm doing, I win. (I'll just convince their gullible wives that anime is a terrific creative medium for kids, and therefore make their children grow up to love and desire anime)

If all else fails, just be the adult in the situation and make fun of their hobbies. That always works too.

Probably the scariest hurdle I personally had to deal with was the female reaction. How is she going to react to the Asuka adult toy you bought on your trip to Tokyo? Is she going to get upset that after you are intimate, you are cuddling the body pillow instead of her? These are tough questions that need to be addressed. In all seriousness, there is a level we will never achieve. All of us who contribute on Zeonic Front have been to Japan, and if we had daily access to the heavenly Akibahara, maybe I'd be singing a different tune. The reality is we don't, so whatever obsession you think you may harbor, we are far off from that sort of crazy. We are western otakus. We play sports! We go on riverboat gambling trips! I've experienced some comical moments through my otaku growth while dealing with women. I've had females develop a perception of me, and once they went into my room, it changed instantly. It's best to not be embarrassed. If they see that you are a little humiliated, it'll make you feel even worse later.

What worked for me was just plain honesty. Plus, I couldn't possibly hide that many figures that fast. In the beginning I started to think that once I posed figures around my home, if I brought a girl back to my place, I'd want to hide them as quickly as possible. As Critic pointed out on in an earlier blog entry, "How to be sexier for my Boyfriend" (and yes, Critic is straight), a girl doesn't need to really be into your hobbies that much anyways. If they are into you, they'll understand that anime is an extension of you, instead of it JUST being you. Little do they really know it's the latter. Plus if you look like a fatter Kevin Smith, D.J Qualls, or Francis from Pee Wee's Big Top Adventure dressed as Cloud Strife, just give up and accept what you are.

Becoming an otaku is the same as becoming a movie buff, a wine connoisseur, bird watcher or a serial killer. Everyone obsesses over something, and for me and many other people in North America, it happens to be Japanese animation. We need to enjoy ourselves.

Peace and Love

Friday, March 12, 2010

Hatsune Miku Friday! Project DIVA 2

I admit I've dropped the ball on my weekly features, Hatsune Miku Fridays and Tsundere Tuesdays. Frankly there hasn't been a ton of Miku news, and the Tsundere Tuesday depends if I'm watching any anime with Tsundere's present.

But enough with excuses. At least Miku Friday is back, albeit I should have done something on the 9th since that was Hatsune Miku day. But I was filming in Butler, Pennsylvania and had no way to update the site.

Sorry! I just gave more excuses.

Regardless here is a good morsel of Miku deliciousness. On July 29th the sequel to the fantastic PSP game: Hatsune Miku Project DIVA will be released. I've already preordered my copy from AmiAmi.

The first game had some great unlockables and fantastic replay value. The sequel seems to want to one up that by adding, the ability to edit your own music videos using Miku in real time, added a duet mode, and the ability to share the videos you make with friends. They also say if you own the first one, hang on to it, as you get more stuff in the sequel.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I really love Tron's viral marketing campaign.

Beginning with the Flynn Lives website that went live early last year Disney's marketing team has been slowly weaving a back-story to explain the macguffin of the new Tron movie; where has Flynn been for the last 27 years?  The length and breath of this effort is amazing.  It's similar to the viral marketing Bad Robot did for Lost over it's first three seasons.  Bringing the show to the internet, and pull the audience deeper into the mystery by giving them clues and games to play on the internet.  It goes a little deeper than Lost though in that it goes beyond electronic communication.

What their doing is called an "Alternate Reality Game" or ARG.  It seems I've been asleep over the last couple of years because according to Wiki a few recent video games had similar stunts as part of their marketing, but these all seem to be fairly small scale.  More like marketing stunts as oppose to something that is immersive.  Flynn Lives is more along the lines of Majestic.  Majestic was one of the very first mainstream ARG.  I never played it but I remember when it came out being intreigued by what it was all about.    At the same time it seemed a little creepy.  It was very much like "The Game." You started out playing the "game" Majestic, but then the game stopped, and the the phone calls, faxes, instant messages (thank god this was before text messaging) started.  You were immersed into the world, at least that was the intent.  Despite winning best new game at E3 in 2001, 9/11 threw a monkey wrench into things as people didn't really want to play a game about conspiracy and terrorism when it was happening in real life.  EA quit supporting the game in mid 2002. 

Flynn Lives seems to be along the same lines.  I haven't really started playing it, but I recently signed up; and I'll  keep  apprised as to what I find out.  They do ask for your email, phone number, and address so they can send you clues and info by the various methods.  We'll see how it goes.

In the meantime here's a little palate cleanser to get you started.  This is a puzzle game created as part of the effort.  You must work your way though all 56 visual puns in the picture and name the video game they're suppose to represent.  Once you done you get the opportunity to design, and have mailed to you, your very own ENCOM security badge.  As part of the larger game you need the badge to break into ENCOM, and get more clues about Flynn.  It took me about 30 minutes to get them all, I will admit to cheating on a couple of them.  It's been out for almost a day already so the answers are out there if you look hard enough.

Arcade Aid --> http://www.arcadeaid.com/challengingstage/
Flynn Lives -->  http://www.flynnlives.com/

Macross Zero Impressions

THIS is the Macross show I have been waiting for. This is also one of the best anime I've seen in a long time.

I was about halfway through Macross 7, when I started looking into Macross Zero, in hopes there was some kind of light at the end of the tunnel. I know all the Macross fans here, who write in the comments section, enjoy, or at least appreciate Macross 7. I've tried to share that enthusiasm, but I am sorry to say I am just not feeling it.

It was getting so bad in fact, I was fearing that Macross 7 would turn me off the entire universe and kill my interest completely. Something had to be done. Initially I wanted to watch the shows in order of the timeline. I didn't do proper research and somehow overlooked Macross Zero, which should have been watched first. It was this logic that made me decide to stop where I was in Macross 7 and go back and watch Zero since I should have watched it already. It was the best decision I've made all year (well that and buying my first house).

As I said before, this was the show I've been waiting for in the Macross Universe. Although I wouldn't mind that being an insult to Macross 7, it is in no means meant to cut down the original series or Plus, both of which I really liked. In fact my iPod is in constant battle right now switching between Minmay songs and the new Gorillaz album (which has nothing to do with this review I just needed to tell everyone how awesome it is.) In fact if it hadn't been for "Do You Remember Love?" I wouldn't enjoy Zero as much as I did. Let me try to explain.

Watching Zero requires a little more background information on Macross lore to enjoy the story. Watching "Do you Remember Love?" which was made over two decades ago, it amazing holds up pretty well and doesn't feel too dated.

But there are some parts that just don't really work anymore. The biggest part of that is the "singing to save the universe". I realize that Macross 7 tried to expand on this by giving scientific explanations, but I feel it didn't work. Macross Zero handles it much much better. The protoculture is explained more thoughtfully and given a slight Evangelion spin (though Eva took it from Arthur C. Clarke, so we will just give Clarke credit). The Protoculture are depicted as "godlike" in their power, and come off as spiritual then scientific, where up until now they have been mostly viewed as a race of scientists. Seeing the protoculture first hand really puts some glue into the entire Macross Universe and pulls it all together. It even helped my lukewarm feelings of Macross 7 because now I see each series as part of the same universe, just told from a different perspective. I'm sure someone could retell the story of the Fire Bombers and make it seem a lot more logical and realistic. It would be difficult, but I believe it is possible.

The other part of Zero that made me say, "Yes this is an amazing universe," was how they handled the Variable fighter. The VF series are the defining image of Macross. You show a VF-1 to anyione, even someone who hasn't seen the series, or perhaps isn't even into anime and they will say, "Robotech," or "Macross" (and in some cases "Jetfire") . However, during all the shows I've seen up until Zero the VF's really play a background role to everything else. There is very little attention given to the these awesome fighter jets, other then sometimes you can fly them like a plane, sometimes you can pilot it as a robot, or sometimes you get something in between that doesn't really do anything other then look cool. Also they help sell model kits.

In Macross Zero all three modes: jet, Battroid, and GERWALK mode shine brightly and each mode is given a clear precise reason such as, "This is what the GERWALK mode is good for," and "This is why you need to switch to a battroid mode." Up until now, the transformations have seemed mostly pointless and it always makes me think of that first episode of Transformers where Spike asks Bumbleebee "But why Transform?" and Bumblbee says something like, "It's better then walking." Which basically translates to "No reason other then it looks cool."

At least Macross Zero provides us with a great reason and again provides more of that proverbial glue to tie the different series together.

On top of all that, I've also always been a fan of girls with dark skin and purple hair. So thanks Macross Zero for that as well.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Tron Legacy Trailer

Tron can stir up some widely ranging opinions amongst geeks and scifi fans. There is no doubt that it is visually stimulating, and a technological marvel of it's time. I've always felt thought that the intended story was much darker than Disney was willing to make in 1981. This is the biggest reason I'm looking forward to Tron: Legacy. As this movie has been slowly revealed over the last year I've gotten more an more exited that they are actually listieng to the fans and making the Tron Movie that we all want to see. Though it is a Flynn & Son story in the same vein as Crystal Skull, it's looking like it will hold to the precepts of the original fairly closely.

No Embed for this, Official Trailer link -->  http://www.program-glitch-esc.net/

Monday, March 8, 2010

Geisha have never been as cool as this

Seriously, how can this movie NOT be great?

Many of the people involved were also responsible for creating this masterpiece:

Cutest Damn Voltron you will see today

Source: Kotaku

Friday, March 5, 2010

Zero G Love.... Zero G Love.....

Alright I'm slowly making my way through the Macross Universe. In this post I'll quickly go over some impressions of things I played/watched in between finishing up "Do You Remember Love?" and Macross 7 (and a little bit on that at the end).

Macross Flashback 2012

Thanks to Animaster I was able to procure a copy of this 30 minute musical extravaganza. I read that it gave some info on what happened to the three main leads and that was originally why I watched it. It is true that in the last song we see brand new animation with the characters embarking into the great beyond (space not death). But there isn't a lick of dialog. The only way to really know what happened is to look it up online, or perhaps another Macross series tells us where they are going.

Regardless of all that I really enjoyed the video for the music alone. I love Minmay's songs. They are cheery, but kind of eerie at the same times, and seeing moments from the movie and tv show recut to match the songs evoked the right amount of emotion. There is a lot of sadness in these songs because they all feel like they are from Minmay to Hikaru (which they are) and knowing how their relationship turns out, makes the entire thing a little bittersweet. Very powerful though.

Macross Scramble - Super Famicom game

This game never came out over here in the states, but surprisingly the whole thing is in English (well "Engrish", but still). That said the story is completely incomprehensible, although the Internets tell me it takes place after "Do You Remember Love?"

The game is fantastic. I'm a massive R-Type fan, and I actually think I like this game more. Even if it wasn't a Macross game, it is one of the most creative shooters I've ever played. Of course, this is because you can switch between all three modes of the Variable Fighter of your choice. The other cool and unique feature is that if you lay off the gunfire, Minmay's music engulfs the ship and you can use it to take over nearly any unit in the game and bring it over to your side to fight. That makes for some awesome gameplay combinations. Every shooting game fan should play this game, Macross fan or no.

Macross Plus

I realize that Macross Plus deserves it's own article and not wedged between blurbs about other games and side stories, but I've seen it so many times I just don't have many "new" impressions to give about it.

However, I will say that having more of an understanding of the universe made it even more enjoyable to watch this time. The first time I saw it I thought it was really creative how they took a mech show and made it all about idols and human relationships. Now I realize pretty much every Macross show is about this, so it doesn't seem as original a concept anymore, but it is still a much different take on what I've seen so far.

Also the final scene with Sharon Apple and the original Macross was a hell of a lot cooler now that I realized what the Macross ship had gone through before the events of Macross Plus. Can't that poor thing just rest in peace?

Macross Plus Arcade Game

Another excellent Macross game, though it doesn't retain much "Macross". It is a top down vertical shooter. Unlike the SNES game you can't switch between your modes on the fly, you need special powerups to do that, but it is still a lot of fun.

It really doesn't follow the plot of the show one iota, other then you can play as Isamu, Guld or some blue haired girl that I don't recognize. That's about where the similarities end, but it's still a fun shooter if you like those types of games.

Macross 7

And that brings us to Macross 7. I'm not that far into it, and I'll give better impressions at a later date, but I have to say it isn't really grabbing me right off the bat.

To clarify, I love all the characters so far. And I really love to see Max and Milla and their continued relationship, and their daughter Mylene is my favorite character so far. Yes I love all the characters EXCEPT the main character, Basara.

He's one of the most annoying main characters I think I've seen in an anime in a long time. I think a lot of my frustration around him is due to the fact he is nearly identical to one of my best friends, who is also a narcissist, also a musician that insists on breaking out in song at inappropriate times, and even has the same comical fauxhawk. Maybe one I get over their similarities I can lets Basara's music reach my soul, or maybe he will grow upa little and I will like him more. But for now he's grating on my nerves.

But it is a funny show, and I do laugh quite a bit at Basara's failings, and I intend to stick it out to the end.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Otaku at Work

I just made basically this same post at figures.fm, but I figured I'd share on my own blog as well.

Slowly but surely I started bringing some of my figures from home, to the office. It was a gradual takeover but now they dominate my office space. Being in a creative field, I justify having them around by saying they bring inspiration. And to a degree I find that is true, I'm in a better mood now that everywhere I look I get to see something from some show/game/movie that I love and as a result I think my work ends up being better.

So here are some pics from my current office set up:

Of course I have my Hatsune Miku Figma happily holding/charging my iPhone for me. As well as Senjogahara telling me what time it is.

I have Transformers everywhere and I didn't take as many pictures of them as I wish I had. Here are two of my three base stations I have up here: Star Convoy and Omega Supreme. Metroplex is to the right. Not sure why I left him out of the pic.

Some of my other Transformers. Mostly all my Rodimus Primes, and some of the Transformer Classics behind them. They are making sure no one makes any unauthorized prints.

The bin above my head is like my figure garage. I exchange the ones on my desk with the ones inside here occasionally. Or sometimes if I'm feeling a really big creative slump I'll open the drawer and bask in their warmth.

Saber helps keep track of my editing notes for me.

And Konata is my business manager.

I've actually already added/changed some stuff from when I took these pics so maybe I'll put more of these up at a later date.

I'd also like to see or hear about anyone else experiences with displaying figures/art at work and what kind of reactions you get from others.