Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Toonami Promos: Remastered/Remembered

These days I suppose they'd be viewed as nothing more than AMV, but I have a fondness in my heart for these Promos.  They bring me back to my Freshman year at college.

Sitting there in the Common Room in the dorm with all the other Toonami fans.  They'd come from all over campus, Tall and Short, Fat and Thin, Greek and Nerd; there were even a few girls.  Come 4:00 everyday we'd gather before the old Zenith hanging in the wall, casually discussing the adventures of the Z-Team or the Wing Boys with the folks that missed the last episode. The show would start, and we would sit in baited silence, soaking in every second of the action.  When the two hours were over were were sad, but we got over it soon enough knowing that we'd be back tomorrow to partake in Toonami again.  I think this time was important and Toonami was important to all of us.  We were alone, and away from home for the first time in our lives.  Finding a group of people in the vast sea of new faces that enjoyed the same things that you did, and then sharing that hobby in such a communal way help achieve some normalcy during that uncertain time.  That group of people and Toonami got me though both my freshman year and 9/11, and I can't thank them enough.

As much as I love Toonami, the Toonami long-form promos were works of art.  Cut scenes and dialog from the catalog of Toonami anime, put together to tell a story or represent a theme.  The glue that held these clips together was the voice of  Peter Cullen; and the icing was the low trance back-beat that kept the tempo going. I find it funny, looking back, that things of such art can come from the same studio that created a show about a talking butt.  It's sad to see how far CN and Williams Street/Adult Swim have fallen in 10 years.

By far my favorite videos were Ignition [Advanced Robotics] and Broken Promise [Dreams].  These Videos were uploaded by SlimD716 and remastered in HD by metroidman7.  Click into the videos to see them in full HD.  

Thanks to ssgotenks650 for the pic...