Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ole Miss: Rebel Alliance?

This one has been bubbling on the internet for a while, but here's the back story.  A few years ago Ole Miss's original mascot Colonel Reb was retired because he was seen as too racist.  They've been without a mascot for a number of years.  Over last fall there was a push by the student body to name a new Mascot.  The School responded and said that the student body could do what they like, and would accept who ever they choose.  At this very moment the leading choice is... Admiral Akbar.

Yes.  Admiral Akbar.

It seems to be an appropriate choice.  In the modern era, when anything dealing with the confederacy is concidered by most to be racicst, but you want to keep the image of being Rebels, what better choice than the leader of the most famous fictional rebels of our time (sorry Contras).  He's recognizable, he's the the image of resolute courange, and at the very least he knows how to spot a trap.  It remains to be seen if this actually happens. I'm guessing LucasArts will want their cut and it's certain that the alumni wouldn't be happy;  in the end it may be too much trouble for the school to deal with.  That said, if this does happen they will by far have a coolest mascot in all of sports.

Source:  Rivals