Thursday, February 18, 2010

How To Be Sexier For My Boyfriend?

For some reason or another, the number one search term that leads to this site is the phrase, "how to be sexier for my boyfriend."  I honestly have no idea why, but I thought I'd go ahead and address the question.  The short answer is you don't need to be sexier.  If you love him and he loves you, that should be enough.  I secret is he already thinks your sexy.  With that out of the way...

What does he like to do?  What are his hobbies?  Men like a partner who is interested in the same things that they're interested in and can talk intelligently about the subjects; at the very least can fake it.  There is nothing sexier than a girl that can break into a deep conversation about the details and minutia involved in a mans' obsession.  So in other words Geeks find other Geeks hot.  But there is a line, and it's good to know where it is.  Men's hobbies also serve as an escape from life, and this can include relationships.  The fact is he may love discussing his hobby with you, but may not be so up for actually doing his hobby with you.  There is nothing wrong with this, and though I know this is falling on def ears, don't take it personally.

Looks are also important; this cannot be denied.  The first step is to come to note what you think you're best features are and accentuate them.  You know what looks good and what doesn't look good; so it makes sense that you'd show your assets off.  The point here is to make yourself feel good.  Confidence is key.  If you feel good about the way you look, he'll pick up on that.  The second step is to also accentuate the things that your boyfriend likes about  you.  If you've been together long enough you should know what those area are, and most likely the things you think are sexy about you he also thinks are sexy.  Again though, Confidence is key.  Feeling sexy and looking sexy go hand and hand.  So if you get all dressed up and feel like you look like a tramp... you probably look like a tramp.

Attitude is also very important.  This goes hand in hand with confidence.  Guys find it sexy when they're told what you want.  Don't play games.  Be direct.

All of this advice is fairly cliche, I know.  So in service to our regular audience here is a visual representation  of some suggestions...