Sunday, February 7, 2010

Give Koizumi a chance

I once saw a man eat his own head. Now while that is a morbid thought, if it was possible, I would like to see a man eat his own head. While I have your attention though, I need to advertise Lovely Complex's Koizumi Risa. While my colleague Lonecow will be filling you in on Tsundere Tuesdays, I hopefully will be able to also fill you in on some great characters that seem to fall through the cracks every year. Of course this relates only to the anime I've seen, but I will do my best. The sheer volume of anime at our disposal is maddening, and most of the time all we really have to go by are forum suggestions and pictures. Lovely Complex on a whole is a standard slapstick affair. It's hilarious and sensitive at the right times. There are many ones like it, but this one is mine. The show doesn't have the advantage of a large surplus of characters, so the the show focuses on the two leads. With that type of story telling I was able to really get to know Koizumi, and by the end of the series she became one of my favorite characters ever. At first glance she is as average as they come. Her clothes aren't being ripped off every episode, she's flat, and the show really tries to make note of how big her forehead is. Her personality is so fleshed out though! From the very first episode we find out immediately how personable, cute, and funny she is. I seldom ever watch an anime where the female lead is actually funny. It's always about the situation they are in.

She reminds me of Haruhi. This is going slightly off tangent, but I understand there are a ton of Haruhi fans out there that like her because it's "in". I want to defend her for a moment. Because of their bandwagon nature, it's not unlikely that many of them have a Cloud Strife statue somewhere, and they just finished watching the entire run of Full Metal Alchemist for the fifth time. I get it, Haruhi is insanely popular. But in my opinion, and probably the opinion thousands of other people share with me, we love her because she is actually a really funny well written character. Even at times I forget about how great she is because I'm reminded how this fat sweaty guy danced the night away to Pare Pare Parade at the last convention I went to. Or I'll also get to thinking that at the next convention I go to there is a 60% chance I'll see two girls who are friends and morbidly obese cosplaying as her. Regardless, fans survived the Endless Eight BECAUSE Haruhi she is funny. Alright, that did have a point, and the point is I felt a similar feeling watching Koizumi in Lovely Complex. Instead of having the innate ability to end the world, she is just trying to get a boyfriend, and that journey is hilarious and sweet. I advise every fan of romantic comedy anime to give Koizumi a chance. If you are not laughing your butt off or swept away by her cuteness, I'll try to find a video of a man eating his own head as an apology.