Thursday, February 18, 2010

Box Office Update: Fate/Stay and Haruhi

Two movies I have eagerly been anticipating since they were announced have both been released in Japan to the masses. I haven't posted anything about them because, frankly there hasn't been much news or info about them. That isn't to say the movies did bad, quite the opposite, it's just that not many English speaking fans have seen the films and therefore haven't reported about their quality.

The scant few reviews for Fate/Stay Night have been pretty glowing, confirming that it sticks very close to the Visual Novel, and also has some amazing action sequences. Both of those are major fixes from the TV series if true. One of those reviews can be seen here.

The Haruhi film is a bigger deal, as it has a somewhat larger fanbase, and it's easier to gather more details about it (at least over here it's a bigger deal, when I was in Japan I think I saw more Fate/Stay Night posters then I did Haruhi. That isn't to say it's more popular but they are on somewhat more equal footing). For a Disappearance of Haruhi movie review, you can go here.

Those aren't much to wet your wistle however, and as with all theatrical anime films all we can do here in the states is wait patiently for a fansub of the Japanese DVD version, and then eventually the domestic DVD/BD release and maybe a small theatrical run.

So while we wait here are some cold hard numbers for you as to how these movies are fairing in their home country:

The Disappearance of Haruhi is currently showing in 24 theaters in Japan and in 9 days has raked in $2.47 million. Those are good numbers for an anime film. It would probably do better if Avatar wasn't raping the box office in every single country it is in.

Fate/Stay Night opened on only 12 screens and is making about $35,100 a screen. That isn't bad either considering it is at far fewer theaters.

Of course these are two very hot properties so I'm sure anime distributors in North America are just gunning to get their hands on these movies and get them out to fans as soon as possible.

And by as soon as possible I mean a minimum two year delay while they sit on it, and then go to anime cons and have panels where they will go on and on about a piece of crap anime like "Heroic Age" and then briefly mention they have the rights to the films when asked by someone in the audience.

Do I sound bitter? I can never tell.