Friday, February 26, 2010

The Macross Challenge

I've put it off for long enough, and starting today I'm finally going to make my way through the Macross series.

Of course, by using the verbiage "Challenge" I make it sound as if I plan to go through every piece of Macross related material from beginning to end, and while that would be a worthy adventure to partake in, I know how I am, and that means I wouldn't last that long. So I'm going to try and hit the high points, and later go through the rest of it.

Though I say that, and I might end up watching/playing everything.

A long time ago I watched Robotech, so I have a somewhat fair understanding of what is going on, and I've watched random Macross OVAs throughout my tenure as an anime fan. And it always struck me as a mech series that I would really like if I sat down and watched it.

I'm a sucker for a good sci-fi romance story, which is why I think Macross appeals to me more then something like Gundam, where it is more about war vs. peace and not human relationships. Plus as a huge Transformers fan, I like my robots to transform.

For starters, I'm going to watch "Macross: Do you Remember Love?" and skip the original TV series. Again, if I feel really drawn into the world I might go back and watch the entire series again, but for now I think the movie will serve as a nice powerful entry into the franchise. I also really want to play the Saturn game which I am told follows the movie to the T, so to avoid spoilers I'll watch the movie first.

After that I'm not sure where I will go. Just see where the stars take me.

But, if anyone has some good advice on what I must watch/play/read, I will definitely take some much needed advice from more seasoned Macross vets.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Adventures of Lil Cthulhu.

In other Cthulhu news.  Like many parents you may be worried that you will not appropriately instill upon your children the appropriate reverence, and respect required of our Lord Cthulhu.  Fear not for you have Lil Cthulhu to do the deed.  If Dora the Explorer was a World Eating God, it would look something like this.  

Ceiling Cthulhu is watching you.

Are you tired of those Ceiling Cat Zelots always bugging you about converting?  How you will never be saved unless you repent your sins and devote yourselves to service to Ceiling Cat?  Ceiling cat may be all powerful, but there are stronger gods in the Pantheon.  Meet, Ceiling Cthulhu.  Just remember he's always watching.

Note:  you can buy the shirt today, but like all Woot items it will be gone from the main page by midnight.  I'll link the direct link page when it come available tomorrow.

Ole Miss: Rebel Alliance?

This one has been bubbling on the internet for a while, but here's the back story.  A few years ago Ole Miss's original mascot Colonel Reb was retired because he was seen as too racist.  They've been without a mascot for a number of years.  Over last fall there was a push by the student body to name a new Mascot.  The School responded and said that the student body could do what they like, and would accept who ever they choose.  At this very moment the leading choice is... Admiral Akbar.

Yes.  Admiral Akbar.

It seems to be an appropriate choice.  In the modern era, when anything dealing with the confederacy is concidered by most to be racicst, but you want to keep the image of being Rebels, what better choice than the leader of the most famous fictional rebels of our time (sorry Contras).  He's recognizable, he's the the image of resolute courange, and at the very least he knows how to spot a trap.  It remains to be seen if this actually happens. I'm guessing LucasArts will want their cut and it's certain that the alumni wouldn't be happy;  in the end it may be too much trouble for the school to deal with.  That said, if this does happen they will by far have a coolest mascot in all of sports.

Source:  Rivals

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Toonami Promos: Remastered/Remembered

These days I suppose they'd be viewed as nothing more than AMV, but I have a fondness in my heart for these Promos.  They bring me back to my Freshman year at college.

Sitting there in the Common Room in the dorm with all the other Toonami fans.  They'd come from all over campus, Tall and Short, Fat and Thin, Greek and Nerd; there were even a few girls.  Come 4:00 everyday we'd gather before the old Zenith hanging in the wall, casually discussing the adventures of the Z-Team or the Wing Boys with the folks that missed the last episode. The show would start, and we would sit in baited silence, soaking in every second of the action.  When the two hours were over were were sad, but we got over it soon enough knowing that we'd be back tomorrow to partake in Toonami again.  I think this time was important and Toonami was important to all of us.  We were alone, and away from home for the first time in our lives.  Finding a group of people in the vast sea of new faces that enjoyed the same things that you did, and then sharing that hobby in such a communal way help achieve some normalcy during that uncertain time.  That group of people and Toonami got me though both my freshman year and 9/11, and I can't thank them enough.

As much as I love Toonami, the Toonami long-form promos were works of art.  Cut scenes and dialog from the catalog of Toonami anime, put together to tell a story or represent a theme.  The glue that held these clips together was the voice of  Peter Cullen; and the icing was the low trance back-beat that kept the tempo going. I find it funny, looking back, that things of such art can come from the same studio that created a show about a talking butt.  It's sad to see how far CN and Williams Street/Adult Swim have fallen in 10 years.

By far my favorite videos were Ignition [Advanced Robotics] and Broken Promise [Dreams].  These Videos were uploaded by SlimD716 and remastered in HD by metroidman7.  Click into the videos to see them in full HD.  

Thanks to ssgotenks650 for the pic...

Tsundere Tuesday: Akiha Tohno

Another Tuesday, and another Tsundere. With this week's addition we have what I like to think is a pioneer in the Tsundere frontier, as she is one of the most purest and easily defined versions of the term. While the tsundere type of character has been around for nearly as long as anime itself (or I supose any work of fiction, Japanese or not), the term was given birth on the Internet due to the overabundance of these type of character in anime/games/books/manga, and Akiha was on the cusp of the birthing of the term.

Akiha is one of the female protagonists in the Visual Novel Tsukihime. Tsukihime also spans an anime series (which is horrible) and a video game series, Melty Blood (which is excellent), and Akiha is present in all those incarnations as well.

As stated before Akiha is the purest form of Tsundere, as she is cold and calculated towards the main protagonist, but once he spends times with her she is more then willing to let her guard down and show her softer side (if you catch my drift). She also has an almost uber-Tsundere super power, in her ability to steal energy from other people (usually blood), which turns her hair red and makes her a lot grumpier then normal.

However, poor Akiha is swarmed in tragedy. In the original Tsukihime Visual Novel she is the only female protagonist who doesn't have any kind of a happy ending. This is rectified in the sequel, Kagetsu Tohya, probably from some fan outrage.

Perhaps one of Akiha's greatest accomplishments was paving the way for her successor in the Tsukihime follow up, Fate/Stay Night. There is a lot of Akiha in Tohsaka Rin. Tohsaka is a lot friendlier, but to say these two don't share more then a few traits (and mannerisms) would be naive.

Regardless she is her own beautiful fiery tempered character, and deserves to be celebrated this day.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Kirsten Dunst in Akihabara

HERE for the video

Apparently Dunst is also a huge Sailor Moon fan. This video was made for an art exhibit in London, and despite what some sites are saying she is just lip syncing over a cover version of "Turning Japanese". Doesn't matter to me cause she looks great doing it.

Can you spot some of your favorite anime series in the video?

Also some parts NSFW.

UPDATE: Yep the video is already off YouTube. I had a feeling it wouldn't be there long because these guys really want you to go to their flash heavy site to see it. Ah well it is worth the loading time I suppose.

Also notice in the above image Senjougahara and Haruhi cameos!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Running with the Devil

This is the face that you see at almost every major anime convention. It's so easy to insult someones head shot, but he is asking for it. He looks untrustworthy. The odd smile. You wonder if he had surgery just to augment it. The obvious pretentiousness. He looks like Ryan Seacrest's less retarded twin. Now while I honestly do not dislike Vic Mignogna that much, I absolutely despise much of what he stands for. He is the poster child for American dubbing. Any serious anime fan will attest that they'd much rather be waterboarded than sit through even one episode of dubbing. There are millions of people that share this sentiment, but unfortunately we are not being heard. We are not going through the right channels, and we are too afraid to walk up to someone like Vic Mignogna and tell him, "You know what, you are not a good Edward Elric." Could you imagine the uncomfortable tension he'd feel if someone had the guts to say that? Would the anger reverse his face lift? Maybe it would motivate him to conjure up a slightly different voice than the same one he produces in every anime role he's ever been in.

Alas I can't blame Vic, he is just like all the rest. Even though he looks like Sting with autism, I can't blame him solely. I just wish that our North American anime fans would quit treating these voice actors like celebrities. They have not earned it. I HATE (not really) comparing them to their Japanese counterparts, but it's frankly irresponsible to not bring to light the differences. The voice actors in Japan (male and female alike) are also acting on stage, television, and at times having successful music careers. The ones here? They just form a secret society so the same thirty actors will be in every anime that gets licensed in North America. That's why "actors" like Mignogna, Johnny Yong Bosch, and Kyle Herbert have one billion roles on their resume. Getting a gig is a sure thing for them. That's like a movie studio needing an extra and hiring Gilbert Gottfried. Even God knows Gilbert Gottfried won't turn a job down. We are overly saturated by them, and in turn they develop the most egotistical aura. Autistic Sting is not a celebrity in my eyes. While I hear they are nice people, (usually coming from an underage girl at a convention), they are not worth my time because they don't really take their job seriously.

Let just ask ourselves:

Does Johnny Yong Bosch's voice really make him a good Lelouch?

On the female side:

How can anyone not think of Aya Hirano as Haruhi?

I'm all for a strong team of American voice actors in anime. I'm not some Japanophile (I am really) that wants anime distribution and interest to fail over here. I do not want that. It is just unfortunate that out of all the two hundred plus series I've watched in my life, I can only think of a handful of shows where the dubs were just as good as the original Japanese voice actors. I know we have individuals out there that can do a commendable job and hold their own. We need to find them. We deserve quality in our language too.

How To Be Sexier For My Boyfriend?

For some reason or another, the number one search term that leads to this site is the phrase, "how to be sexier for my boyfriend."  I honestly have no idea why, but I thought I'd go ahead and address the question.  The short answer is you don't need to be sexier.  If you love him and he loves you, that should be enough.  I secret is he already thinks your sexy.  With that out of the way...

What does he like to do?  What are his hobbies?  Men like a partner who is interested in the same things that they're interested in and can talk intelligently about the subjects; at the very least can fake it.  There is nothing sexier than a girl that can break into a deep conversation about the details and minutia involved in a mans' obsession.  So in other words Geeks find other Geeks hot.  But there is a line, and it's good to know where it is.  Men's hobbies also serve as an escape from life, and this can include relationships.  The fact is he may love discussing his hobby with you, but may not be so up for actually doing his hobby with you.  There is nothing wrong with this, and though I know this is falling on def ears, don't take it personally.

Looks are also important; this cannot be denied.  The first step is to come to note what you think you're best features are and accentuate them.  You know what looks good and what doesn't look good; so it makes sense that you'd show your assets off.  The point here is to make yourself feel good.  Confidence is key.  If you feel good about the way you look, he'll pick up on that.  The second step is to also accentuate the things that your boyfriend likes about  you.  If you've been together long enough you should know what those area are, and most likely the things you think are sexy about you he also thinks are sexy.  Again though, Confidence is key.  Feeling sexy and looking sexy go hand and hand.  So if you get all dressed up and feel like you look like a tramp... you probably look like a tramp.

Attitude is also very important.  This goes hand in hand with confidence.  Guys find it sexy when they're told what you want.  Don't play games.  Be direct.

All of this advice is fairly cliche, I know.  So in service to our regular audience here is a visual representation  of some suggestions...

Box Office Update: Fate/Stay and Haruhi

Two movies I have eagerly been anticipating since they were announced have both been released in Japan to the masses. I haven't posted anything about them because, frankly there hasn't been much news or info about them. That isn't to say the movies did bad, quite the opposite, it's just that not many English speaking fans have seen the films and therefore haven't reported about their quality.

The scant few reviews for Fate/Stay Night have been pretty glowing, confirming that it sticks very close to the Visual Novel, and also has some amazing action sequences. Both of those are major fixes from the TV series if true. One of those reviews can be seen here.

The Haruhi film is a bigger deal, as it has a somewhat larger fanbase, and it's easier to gather more details about it (at least over here it's a bigger deal, when I was in Japan I think I saw more Fate/Stay Night posters then I did Haruhi. That isn't to say it's more popular but they are on somewhat more equal footing). For a Disappearance of Haruhi movie review, you can go here.

Those aren't much to wet your wistle however, and as with all theatrical anime films all we can do here in the states is wait patiently for a fansub of the Japanese DVD version, and then eventually the domestic DVD/BD release and maybe a small theatrical run.

So while we wait here are some cold hard numbers for you as to how these movies are fairing in their home country:

The Disappearance of Haruhi is currently showing in 24 theaters in Japan and in 9 days has raked in $2.47 million. Those are good numbers for an anime film. It would probably do better if Avatar wasn't raping the box office in every single country it is in.

Fate/Stay Night opened on only 12 screens and is making about $35,100 a screen. That isn't bad either considering it is at far fewer theaters.

Of course these are two very hot properties so I'm sure anime distributors in North America are just gunning to get their hands on these movies and get them out to fans as soon as possible.

And by as soon as possible I mean a minimum two year delay while they sit on it, and then go to anime cons and have panels where they will go on and on about a piece of crap anime like "Heroic Age" and then briefly mention they have the rights to the films when asked by someone in the audience.

Do I sound bitter? I can never tell.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gundam 30th Anniversary Set Unboxing...

Though some connections in Japan I have been able to procure a number 522 of the limited edition 30th Anniversary Gundam model kits.  It includes a 1/144 scale kit of each Gundam from each of the eleven primary Gundam series.  The 12th kit is the special edition 30th anniversary RX-78-2 Ver. G30th.  Each kit is an exactly the same as a normal kit but all the parts are molded in clear metal flaked plastic.   A review of the models themselves is forthcoming but until then I made a short unboxing video. 

Thanks Dan for all your help!

Tsundere Tuesday: Eri Sawachika

This week's Tsundere might not seem an obvious choice at first, as she starts off School Rumble as a side character extraordinaire, however, after the main male lead inadvertently shows affection for her (which he has none, a hallmark trait of School Rumble are the numerous misunderstandings and awkward situations) Eri quickly rises to the top as one of the main female stars of the show and her hostility/affection for Harima makes her latent Tsundere side go full blown.

As wacky, uneven and fervent as School Rumble is, Eri stands out as one of the few actually fully realized multisided characters, helped in part by her Tsundere side. Towards her girl friends she is sweet and sophisticated, the model of a wealthy aristocratic family. However, towards Harima, the man least likely to receive any attention from attractive women, she is hostile, sometimes violent, and just a little bit sweet towards him.

This makes for the end of the first season almost tragic, as she is the only one who seems to be baffled that a guy who seemed to be head over heels in love with her, now seems completely oblivious to her existence.

Regardless her strong willed attitude, mixed with a sense of sophistication and beauty (not to mention the ponytails) make her the shining paragon of a Tsundere, and thus deserves to be honored as such.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hello Kitty: Redux

Ever wonder what Hello Kitty would look like dressed up as Darth Vader or Rorschach, or even a Gundam? Me Neither, but Joseph Senior, and Illustrator with an myspace page full of his work in dressing up Kitty-Chan up in all kinds of getups...

Source--> Joseph's Myspace

Star Trek Online, A Review

Over the last week my life has been consumed by Star Trek Online.  There's been a lot of buzz good and bad.  I'd like to offer some of my impressions on how the game holds up for me.  I am a huge Trek fan.  I'm not one of these johnny come lately Trek fans who came out of the wood work after they realized how dreamy Chris Pine's eyes were.  No for pretty much all of my life I've consumed everything about Star Trek.  Comics, Novels, TV Shows, Movies, and the nearly impossible Collectible Card Game.  When a Star Trek Themed MMO was announced way back in 2004 I couldn't wait. Alas waiting is all I'd ever do.  Perpetual Entertainment, was originally granted the license to make the game in 2004.  I occasionally followed their site to see how things were going.  Of course it was the Game Developers mantra of either Soon, or "Next Fall."  Eventually it completely fell off of my radar, and so my hopes were dashed that anything would ever come of it.  Then in 2008 there began rumblings that Perpetual was going out of business, and that Cryptic Studios was taking over the game.  Cryptic is, for some reason, is a lighting rod in the MMO world.  People either love them or hate them.  For reasons I don't quite understand Champions Online is despised by many, and thus Cryptic is also despised for bringing it into this world.  I've never played Champions Online but from what I've gathered Cryptic didn't do a very good job of managing expectations, on top of the fact that it was originally slated to have a Marvel tie-in that never materialized.  Also apperently the game play was not what most MMOers were use to.  All of that combined turned Cryptic into the Uwe Boll of the MMO developers world.  So it seems reasonable that when STO was announced it was going to be panned from the outset by that certain sub-set of the internet world. 

I'll start with saying that overall I like this game.  The first thing that people will try to make paralells to is EVE Online.  STO is not EVE.  It's not a competitor, it's not even the same kind of game.  EVE is serious business.  There isn't a serious bone in STOs body.  This is part of the reason I like it.  It's just Fun.  I don't have to worry about being annihilated if I find myself in low-sec space.  To be able to play a space Sim that doesn't feel like every moment someone is going to destroy all that you'ved worked for is really nice.  People who play EVE love that kind of environment, where everything is more REAL.  Not me, and STO isn't the kind of game for people with that mindset. 

The game play is unique as compared to other games out there.  In Star Trek there in any given story there are elements which take place in Space and On the Ground.  The game incorporates both of these, you start the game as the "Captain" of your own vessel.  You're an Ensign who's entire bridge command watch has died leaving you, as the highest ranking officer, in charge.  Space combat is in full three dimensions, unlike EVE.  You can attack your opponets from above or below as well as from all directions.  For some reason they do put a "Stall" in the flight model that prevents you from doing vertical loops, which is strange, but either way its sill more maneuverable than you'd expect.  If I had to describe it, it's a lot like Decent, the 3D  shooter from the mid 90's.  Space combat is where the game does make it's mark.  Like in the TV shows you've got Weapons and Shields and various power control systems between them.  Combat requires you to keep your strongest shields in front of the attacker while also keeping your weapons locked on so you can attack.  You also have the ablitiy adjust the power on the fly from one system to the other. 

Some missions also require you to beam down to planets, space stations, or other ships.  Ground combat is a lot like any normal Third Person MMO that we've become accustomed to over the years.  According to thoughts who have played it it's a lot like Champions Online for whatever that's worth.  It's fun, if not familiar.  You beam down with your away team, which is made up of your other bridge officers.  Your away team is controlled by AI, and is actually pretty good.  They heal you and the other party when healing needs to be done, and they use their other special abilities when needed.  It reminds me a lot of the early BioWare games. 

Like Champions Online it's an Instanced game.  There are a scalable set of servers for each area of the game and depending on traffic new Instances are created.  So it isn't a true MMO all users are on a single persistent server, but all users are in the same world.  The world is broken up into three areas.  The smallest is the player mode where you are beamed down to a planet.  There is "System Space" which is the Solar System or Planet that your ship is in.  Last there is "Sector Space" which is the interstellar "Overworld" map. 

Character Creation is very detailed.  When you create your Avatar you can tweak just about every option on their face and body.  You have three classes available.  Science, Engineering, and Tacacle.  These classes determine what your primary role will be in groups and in the game they are similar to the roles you'd see in other MMOs, but I've found that they don't really pidgenhole you into a certain job, pretty much every role in the game is available for any class.  Science officers are "Healers" and do "De-Buff."  Engineers are for "Buffing" and  "DPS." Tactical are for "Tanking."  The skills tree is what really makes this game different, as copmpared to something like WoW.  Really it's a Hybrid of the system from EVE, a skills tree which trains you in real world time, and WoW and EQ which are completely XP based.  In the game you earn XP that you use to increase your skills in a skills tree.  The Skills tree is huge, and there are a lot of different directions you can go.  You start very general and as time goes on get more and more specialized.  Since  you only get so many points, every character is unique.  Earning XP and increasing your Character Skills is not the only way to diversify your character.   Like all MMOs as you earn rank you can buy better and better equipment for both your ships and your individual characters.  Where the game really diviates from the norm is the concept of Bridge Officers.  You can win and buy Bridge officers in the game.  Each Officer has a class, and speical ablities based on that class that can help you in both Space and Ground combat.  In space combat the skill is an active skill, which on top of keeping your shields up and firing your weapons, you also have to activate when needed.  On the ground their skills are passive, and the AI will activate their skill when needed. 

There is a Third big area of fine tuning in the game in Ship Classes.  Each Character Class had a Ship Class that goes with their assigned role.  Tactical has Assault ships, Engineering has Cruisers, and Science has Science.  Each Ship class align to the same role as the Character class.  Assault ships are Tanks which have an extra slot for a Tactical Bridge Officer, and lots of slots for weapons (Think USS Defiant from DS9).  Cruisers are big capital ships with lots of Power for Shields and an Extra Engineering slot (think Enterprise).  And Science ships have an extra slot for a Science Bridge officer and extra slots for consoles (think Intrepid).  The kicker is there isn't any rule that forces a character class into a ship type.  In fact in an emergent development in the first week of the game, a lot of Assault Officers are going with Cruisers because their superior  Shields, allow them to last a little big longer against a large mob. 

Missions are not a whole lot different than other MMOs instead of go and kill X number of Swamp Rats, your sent to kill number of Klingons.  There is though a fairly robust primary quest tree that will take you to an End Game.  I've been hearing some call this too Linear, but the reality is all MMOs except for EVE an UO have an End Game quest.  Every other game does, it's just people seem to not remember doing it.  There are other game modes including patrol and exploration.  All are required because each pays a different kind of currency that can be used to buy different kinds of items.  There is also a PvP element against the Klingons.  When you finish a certain mission on the Federation side you gain the ability to create a Klingon Character.  There is little or no PvE content on the Klingon side only PvP.    Right now PvP it isn't very robust, and very unsatisfactory.  I'm hoping that this is THE area they decide to concentrate on.  A huge PvP faction war a la Dark Age of Camelot, is where the game needs to head.  It does feel like an area that was sort of rushed.  I'll give them some leeway because we all know what kind of pressure these small developers are under to start making money.  Overall this is a Massively Multiplayer Single Player game.  If you don't want to you can go through the whole game Lone Wolf.  Not to say you don't have to partake in Fleet Actions, but there isn't anything that forces you into a group or a guild like WoW or EQ.

The game for me is a sold B+.  Fun and easily played.  Here's hoping that Cryptic is truly in this for the long haul and wants to grow this game into a success, and don't want to just cash in; a video game version of The Producers. 

Friday, February 12, 2010

Gantz Live Action

First of all I want to apologize for the lack of posts. Due to the horrible weather in Texas I've been stuck in San Antonio for a week for business and haven't been able to tend to the needs of the site. So I missed Tsundere Tuesday and Miku Friday! Horrible. Hopefully I can make up for it next week.

Now on to this: Gantz live action movie.

I have to say this is actually getting my interest. The first trailer looked kind of lame, but all the images so far look exactly like what happens in the manga/anime.

More info and pics here: celuoidmutante

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Give Koizumi a chance

I once saw a man eat his own head. Now while that is a morbid thought, if it was possible, I would like to see a man eat his own head. While I have your attention though, I need to advertise Lovely Complex's Koizumi Risa. While my colleague Lonecow will be filling you in on Tsundere Tuesdays, I hopefully will be able to also fill you in on some great characters that seem to fall through the cracks every year. Of course this relates only to the anime I've seen, but I will do my best. The sheer volume of anime at our disposal is maddening, and most of the time all we really have to go by are forum suggestions and pictures. Lovely Complex on a whole is a standard slapstick affair. It's hilarious and sensitive at the right times. There are many ones like it, but this one is mine. The show doesn't have the advantage of a large surplus of characters, so the the show focuses on the two leads. With that type of story telling I was able to really get to know Koizumi, and by the end of the series she became one of my favorite characters ever. At first glance she is as average as they come. Her clothes aren't being ripped off every episode, she's flat, and the show really tries to make note of how big her forehead is. Her personality is so fleshed out though! From the very first episode we find out immediately how personable, cute, and funny she is. I seldom ever watch an anime where the female lead is actually funny. It's always about the situation they are in.

She reminds me of Haruhi. This is going slightly off tangent, but I understand there are a ton of Haruhi fans out there that like her because it's "in". I want to defend her for a moment. Because of their bandwagon nature, it's not unlikely that many of them have a Cloud Strife statue somewhere, and they just finished watching the entire run of Full Metal Alchemist for the fifth time. I get it, Haruhi is insanely popular. But in my opinion, and probably the opinion thousands of other people share with me, we love her because she is actually a really funny well written character. Even at times I forget about how great she is because I'm reminded how this fat sweaty guy danced the night away to Pare Pare Parade at the last convention I went to. Or I'll also get to thinking that at the next convention I go to there is a 60% chance I'll see two girls who are friends and morbidly obese cosplaying as her. Regardless, fans survived the Endless Eight BECAUSE Haruhi she is funny. Alright, that did have a point, and the point is I felt a similar feeling watching Koizumi in Lovely Complex. Instead of having the innate ability to end the world, she is just trying to get a boyfriend, and that journey is hilarious and sweet. I advise every fan of romantic comedy anime to give Koizumi a chance. If you are not laughing your butt off or swept away by her cuteness, I'll try to find a video of a man eating his own head as an apology.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wes Anderson's Spider-Man

Well I can say it is already better then Spider Man 3, and probably better then the reboot.

First Review of Gundam UC

ANN has posted an "Exclusive" first review of Gundam Unicorn. It's a pretty good overview of what we can expect from the Vol 1, and how this new show ties into the whole universe. I'm even more excited after reading their review. It sounds to me it's everything that can be hoped for by returning to the UC timeline. It will be interesting to see how they fit this in with the existing cannon. On top of the fact that they are returning to familiar territories, where as the last two UC properties; O8th MS Squad and MS IGLOO both were able to tread their own paths because they dealt with conflicts that were never even mentioned in the original shows. Cannot wait until March 12th.

Source: ANN

Friday, February 5, 2010

What If... Timbaland produced the Declaration of Independence

I thought this was too awesome to pass up. A Textbook Publisher made this video to, I suppose, to make the Declaration of Independence more relatable to Teens... Regardless I think it's too good to not share.

Source: Soomo Publishing

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tsundere Tuesday: Hitagi Senjōgahara

I'm starting a new weekly feature called Tsundere Tuesday where I will feature a different tsundere character each and every week.

To the uninformed, a tsundere is a character archetype featured in anime and Japanese games that, as Wikipedia puts it, "has a contradictory personality which is good-willed on the inside, but with a harsh attitude on the outside."

There are of course many debates as to what this all entails, and some people find that term to be insulting as it implied "copy and paste" character design in anime. But I say, as with any character archetype there are good versions and bad versions. Of course the most basic tsundere is a one dimensional character where her entire personality fits into that definition, but if the author of the work is good at their job, then it is entirely conceivable to have a well developed tsundere character as well.

I also don't take offense to the term because I realize that I have a huge soft spot for tsundere characters and there must be something about that type of character that draws my interest, so I might as well proudly use the term that defines them.

So enough with the peramble and on to the tsundere of the week: Hitagi Senjōgahara.

Hitagi is the main female lead in the short novel and now anime series Bakemonogatari.

Honestly I'm only a few episodes into this show and already I am in love with her. In the first episode of the show, she even refers to herself as a tsundere so there is really no room to argue with the fact that this is her category.

She starts off in the show as a girl who weighs literally nothing. No pounds, no ounces. Then the characters of the show try to figure out why she is the way she is, and from there the storyline unfolds.

I don't know if there are different levels of tsundere, but if there are she is definitely on the "Asuka" level of tsundere, as she is pretty damn hostile towards Koyomi (the main character), and threatens to kill him a couple of times.

It's just refreshing to see Tsundere types finally take center stage in anime. It used to be the tsundere was the most interesting character but she was the character the main lead would never end up with. I'm glad to see more and more outgoing females being the main subject of focus and not just window dressing.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Bill Watterson Speaks!

The Reclusive creator of Calvin and Hobbs granted a short interview by John Campanelli of the Clevelant Plain Dealer. What struck me is how much he seems to dismiss his success. His comics are as well known and loved by "Gen Y" as Bill Shultz Peanuts are by the Baby Boomers.  So in that vein I think he's wrong about the "Sell by Date" of his comic.  Peanuts prove that something has culturally significant as Calvin and Hobbes can and would have remained popular forever.    That said it was just good to hear from him after all these years. It looks like hope of a Calvin and Hobbs return is very very unlikely after 15 years. Click below to read the whole interview.