Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Man's Life ACTUALLY Saved by iPhone

So this guy was trapped in the Rubble. He used the light of the screen to view his various injuries, and then used a Medical app on the phone to provide first aid. He had a broken ankle, and large lacerations on his legs and head. He used his clothes to bandage his cuts and create a splint his broken foot. He eventually found refuge in an Elevator shaft to await rescue.
I kind of had some time to do some self-diagnosis down there," Woolley said. "God was with me."
Not bad for a film producer who was in Haiti filming a documentary on efforts to help the nation's poverty-stricken children.Woolley also used his camera to take pictures of the surrounding rubble to piece together a way out. He eventually took refuge in an elevator shaft until rescue crews found him 65 hours after the earthquake.
"I took pictures all around me, then I would hold up the back of the camera to me and I could see what the picture was of a little," he said. "I was able to find an elevator in one of the pictures and that is where I decided to hobble to be in a more safe location."
Sorry if I sound a skeptical, but once it says that he's a "Documentary Filmmaker" and this morning scored a spot on The Today Show; visions of Balloon Boys' float through my head...