Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Figma K-on! circle is almost complete!

Don't say that Max Factory is Lazy! *crickets*

Last time I complained how they would probably just release Yui and then no other girl from the series for a while, but alas I was totally wrong, and I am very glad I was. Announced last week was the beautiful bassist Mio and today on their blog they announced keyboardist Tsumugi (Mugi for short).

Not only are they announcing these beauties, but they are churning them out in record time. Yui comes out in days, Mio next month and then Mugi after that.

I love Mugi, but I was hoping Ritsu would have been the next announcement as she is my favorite of the moe band members. At this point I'm guessing Ritsu will be last to be released and will come in a bigger box to facilitate her drums and probably some kind of additional di:stage. Well that is my hope anyway. Probably won't happen (see last time I said that it happened so I'm trying reverse psychology here with the time space continuum).