Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fate/Zero Fan Translation

Fate/Zero is a series of four novels written by the author of Fate/Stay Night, Kinoko Nasu, that chronicles the events of the fourth Holy Grail War, that is the war that happens before the one in Fate/Stay Night.

If you are a hard core FSN junkie like myself then you are probably well aware of the good work the translators at Baka-Tsuki are doing to get these novels translated and out to fans. However, If you are new to FSN then you need to check this site out.

Recently I came across something very helpful to read these translated books. Reading a novel off a website in blocks of text is no way to casually enjoy a good book. Reading it on your laptop might be a little better, but someone out there in the interwebs has compiled the books (well so far just the first volume) into an easy to read PDF format.

Going only by the handle, Ha on the Beast's Lair's Forums, Ha has given fans a much more palatable way to enjoy the Fate/Zero novels.

What this means is that those out there with ebook readers can now easily upload the book into their ebook reader of choice and enjoy the novels as they were meant to be read, weather that is lounging on the couch in front of a warm fire, or in a hammock outside in the cool breeze, and not with a cramped back squinting at the iridescent glow of your computer screen.

Or if you don't have an ebook reader, the PDF makes it a lot easier to print the pages out yourself and make your own book. There is of course a little more craftsmanship involved here, but it gives you a physical copy of the novel you can hold in your hands.

In case you missed the links in the text, here are the direct links to the sites mentioned:

Baka-Tsuki - The good folks doing all the hard work to get these books in the hands of English speaking fans.

Ha on Beast's Lair - making that work so much easier to read.

Monday, December 21, 2009

HP Laptops are RACIST!!!!


In reality this probably has something to do with the florescent lighting in the store. Either way it's lulz.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Hatsune Miku Friday: Awesome Figure

Almost went the day without posting a Miku article! For shame (on myself).

I hated to save this one for Miku Day, because it's really old news now, but this figure looks beautiful. At 1/8 scale I just wish it was a little bigger (and cheaper).

Source: Hobby Search

The Disapearance of Haruhi Suzumiya Trailer

I'm a little late to the game on this one, but here it is:

Looks like kind of a downer from the trailer, but damn that animation looks beautiful. I've avoided reading the books past "Vanishing" so I don't know how things play out, but I hope Haruhi is in this film for more then ten minutes.

I also hope Kyon makes out with her at the end of the movie but I won't hold my breath for that.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Unlimited Blade Works Movie poster

Not exactly a high res version, but it's still cool. Now with more Saber and Emiya.

Source: Gigazine

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sideshow Collectibles: Scrooge Bust

Sideshow has just announced their next bust for release in early 2010 will be non other then the world's greediest duck: Scrooge McDuck.

He looks to be in his earlier appearances (or Christmas Carol) and not his later Duck Tales or comic appearances, but he looks fantastic nonetheless.

Scrooge will be priced at an affordable $65, which means unlike other Sideshow Collectibles, you don't have to own a Money Bin in Duckburg in order to buy one.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

And so as I pray....


This looks amazing. I know, I know I shouldn't over hype myself or anyone else who reads this but I can't help it. The characters all look spot on, they got rid of that strange filter from the TV show, I recognize all the scenes shown from the Visual Novel, and the action looks top notch.

I might be calling it early but this looks to be a definite improvement from the TV show (which I'm rewatching right now and it really isn't nearly as bad as I thought.)

Also if anyone has a higher res version of the picture with this article, I'd be grateful. This image needs to be my desktop background for the foreseeable future.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Hatsune Miku to do first Solo Concert...

Just in time for Hatsune Miku Friday, it was announced today that Ms. Hatsune will have her first Solo Concert March 9th. This isn't the fist time she's performed "Live", but this is the first time that she will be headlining an event all by her self. Her previous performances were part of Expos and Conventions. In her previous concerts her image was projected on a large screen on the Stage. I'm telling you if they can link her voice to that dancing robot she'll be unstoppable.

Source -- ANN

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Giga Pudding!!!

On a Lighter note...

Animal Crossing Never Forgets :(

I don't know if it's old, frankly I don't care. :( Click to read.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Code Geass Continues????

CC looks as surprised as I do about this news.

I don't know how I missed this news, but apparently Code Geass is being turned into a bonified franchise with new Manga, some music CDs, and "visual works" and probably a lot more action figures and model kits.

The first really big announced title is Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya. Which features some new kids with throwing stars (*Urgh*) and CC and some guy who looks like Lelouch. It is supposed to take place in the same historical timeline as the TV show, which just raises a whole bunch of questions about the Lelouch guy.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. I'm all for more Code Geass, but the show wrapped up pretty nice and tidy, and I'm not big on prequels or alternate universes (or at least not this soon after the original series, maybe in 10 years I'd be up for some alternate universe stuff).

At least they are keeping the franchise alive. I know some people are against this, but as long as it keeps bringing in new people to check out the original series then all is well.

Source: ANN

Friday, December 4, 2009


Fantastic Mr. Fox is one of, if not the, best movie I've seen all year. I generally don't stoop to this level of hyperbole when it comes to reviewing a move, but I would say that it could possibly be the best stop-motion anything I've ever seen. It's also Wes Anderson best movie in many outings.

Fantastic Mr. Fox is essentially about an anthropomorphic Fox who's going through a mid-life crisis. Mr. Fox use to be a chicken thief, but when his wife became pregnant he was forced to give it up, and pick up a less risky job so as to provide for his family. After many years, he's middle aged; almost as old as when his father died. Faced with his own mortality he decides to begin stealing again. This act sets off the chain of events that changes his and everyone's lives in the forest. The overall plot is pretty basic and even cliche, what sells the story is animation and the heart that exists in these characters.

Like all of Wes' movies the art direction is absolutely amazing. I'm not sure if an animated movie can be nominated for art direction, but this one should. It has all of the amazing early 70's retro touches that Wes is so in love with. This style truly suits Wes. His goal in his movies has always been to sort of create a living play. In this format he has complete control of everything. The Special effects are also great. It truly puts anything Aardman has done in years. It most akin to Paddington; this is actually signaled in a small shout-out near the end of the film. Because it uses this style it may seem rough when viewed by modern eyes accustomed to the smooth seamless movies made by CG characters, but for this story; and Wes' style it works perfectly.

Thematically it deals with standard Wes Anderson fair: Life, Death, Trust, Awkwardness, and Family Relationships, or lack there of. This is probably the only Wes Anderson movie since Rushmore that hasn't had something to do with Suicide, but I suppose that's understandable considering it's a "Family" movie. It is a Family movie. It's not though the hermetically sealed, psychologist approved family affairs we've become accustomed too over the last 20 years of so. No, these may be clay figures, but they have heart, feelings they live they die, they alcohol. This reminds me of The Bad News Bears. It's the type of "Family" movie I though couldn't be made anymore. In short, it's a "Family" movie that has balls.

The Voice Acting was spot on. I had some issue with George Clooney at first. His voice is so recognizable, I had some issue matching it to Mr. Fox. As the story got deeper though I actually forgot it was George Clooney, I actually saw Mr. Fox as James Gardner or Carey Grant. A more old Hollywood archetypal leading man. The other standout performance is Jason Schwartzman as Ash, Mr. Fox's son. The reason it's so great is because he's essentially playing Max Fisher. A younger Max Fisher, but still Max Fisher. It's great to see the character in a different setting.

In the end this is a great film. I definably recommend it for anyone. Also, look out for the Wolf Scene it will make your week.

1/50 Scale Space Battleship Yamato

To go with our amazing Serenity Model from earlier in the week. ANN has posted news about a giant 5 meter long model of the Space Battleship Yamato being displayed in the Aeon Group's department stores. The purpose of the model is to drum up publicity for the upcoming live action adaptation of the show slated to come out early next year. Unfortunately this model isn't for sale.

Source: ANN

Hatsune Miku Chrome Theme

In celebration of the Hatsune Miku Friday I present to you the Hatsune Miku Google Chrome Theme. To install this theme Google Search "Google Chrome Themes" (duh), and click the link. Find the Hatsune Miku Theme, and click it to install... There's also a Bayonetta Theme, if your into that kind of thing.

Hatsune Miku Friday! Hatsune iPhone apps!

Yes it is Friday and you know what that means kiddies!

It's Thank God It's Hatsune Miku Day!

For this Friday's celebration of the world's Number 1 Virtual Idol, I've gathered up a collection of iPhone apps, available in the US iTunes store. That's right, you don't even have to get on the Japanese store to find these goodies.

The first one up is simple, but fun, called: Miku Miku Mobile

There isn't much to this one, but it is adorable. It has a row of 3D Mikus lined up in a row singing "Levan Polkka". You can either tilt the iPhone to move around the singing mini Miku's or use the touch screen to move around the 3D space.

Next on the list is probably the best of the bunch: zoome TDKI

Basically these are user submitted videos from Japan, just like YouTube except every one of them is a Voc@loid video, mostly of Miku. The load times can be a little wonky, but it's a great way to have her full assorment of PV's at your finger tips at all time.

Third is more Hatsune Miku related but doesn't exactly involve her: Anogakki

Anogakki is actually a really neat musical instrument that uses random touches to produce music, shapes and colors. Miku used the Anogakki in one of her videos and that is where it took off in popularity.
The picture to the left is from the video not the app.

Lastly, there is another Miku related one, that doesn't involve the idol herself: redjuice

Redjuice is actually a digital artbook/portfolio of the artist Redjuice who designed the artwork for the "Re:Package" Hatsune Miku album. The album art is beautiful and so are the pictures in this collection. However, there are a few warnings. There aren't a ton of pictures and I beleive the collection costs about $3. Also it contains nudity on one picture, which might be an issue for some people.

However, he is a very talented artist and I can't wait to see where he ends up in the contemporary Japanese art scene.

And that does it for the Hatsune Miku Friday roundup.

Just remember: Hatsune Miku. There's an app for that.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Did you hear about Crocodile Dundee?

The new Hugh Grant movie poster looks awfully familiar....

Actually it just makes me want to go out and rent Crocodile Dundee instead of seeing this possible POS.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Soul of Chogokin Hatsune Miku

I know it's not Friday, and I know this is old news but I don't care I get excited every time I think about it so I should post it.

Bandai is making a Hatsune Miku figure under it's Soul of Chogokin line.

Sadly I missed out on the Hatsune Figma (stupid, stupid, stupid me. I held it in my hands in Japan and set it down. Now it goes for $150!), so hopefully this will be a nice alternative. Though she looks more prepared for combat then to sing a concert.

The Soul of Chogokin line is amazing. I love my SoC Evangelion 01, which comes as Eva 01 without her armor, and you have to put her armor on, which is mostly diecast. Hopefully the same care will be put into Hatsune (i.e. she comes naked and you have to put on her die cast clothing. I can dream.)

Here is the Eva SoC in the buff:

Shiny 1:180 Scale Firefly-Class Ship.

Is there anything sideshow collectibles can't do? This one will cost you though; about $3000 with a $600 deposit before they'll even begin work on it. Here's Sideshow's description:
Celebrated by millions of fans around the world, the titular ship of Joss Whedon’s visionary movie masterpiece, Serenity, has existed in all its glory in digital form only – until now. More than three years in the making, Serenity – The Big Damn Replica, has been painstakingly crafted to be absolutely screen-accurate in every aspect. Unlike most ships from science fiction, Serenity was designed from the ground up to be as realistic as possible, from her floor plan to her construction, using real-world components and manufacturing processes. As one of her creators observed, the idea was to make Serenity so real, fans could see themselves walking her decks. With such a sense of place and familiarity, viewers would never feel lost in this Firefly-Class Transport.
When it came time to develop this replica, we could do no less. Every bolt, every seam and every asymmetrical plate has been recreated with exacting attention to detail in this first and only screen-accurate replica of Serenity. Years of intense effort have gone into all aspects of this model, from the model sculpture built from the movie special effects master files to the paint job created to match not just the colors of the ship, but the materials as well.

Not sure if anyone will buy this, but the mere fact that sideshow is willing to make it shows that Firefly/Serenity will be around for a long time.

Source--> Geeks of Doom

Do Androids Dream of Dancing to J-Pop?

Perhaps a real android Hatsune Miko is just around the corner...