Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yep... MW2: Pretty Objectionable at Times.

I'll probably not be bying MW2, as my PC can't run it and I don't like FPS on Consoles, so we'll have to rely on 3rd party reviews for the moment. Overall Ben Kutchera's opinion from ars technica is: Good not Great. The most notiable description for me was his descritoin of actually playing the Terrorist scene I detailed last week.
This isn't a game that glorifies violence—situations and characters such as this aren't attractive—it's a game that overloads you with it. You'll be asked to take part in some repugnant things, and many of the peripheral details will stick with you. You'll want to talk about the single-player campaign long after it's done, and it's clear that people are going to have strong opinions one way or the other.

How do we feel about the controversial segment where you become part of a terrorist act? It's hard to watch. The actual mission that has gained all this controversy is, in all honesty, pretty shocking stuff. The game slows down; you can't run. You have to walk slowly through the scene, watching innocents gunned down. They scream. They try to crawl away. They hold their wounds and moan. You can pull the trigger, or you can just watch. But you're holding a gun—you're a part of this. If you decide not to play this mission, you get a cut-scene. Why is this section of the game playable? What does it add? That's a huge question, with many different answers. I'm not saying the section makes the game better, but it certainly will get people talking. But, yes: it is just as bad as people are saying, and just as hard to take.

It's pretty telling for a hardened video game player, jaded with the viloence that we see in almost all forms of enterntainment these days, to have this kind of takaway from the game. I think it's proof that Infinity Ward and Activision have probably pushed the boundry of realism too far. It certainly isn't going to hurt the game. It will go on to be a record smashing sucess.

Let me preface again, I'm not a propnant of the idea that videogames CAUSE violence in and ov themselves, but some people can be truly swept in the experiance. If I undertstand the theories correctly people who already have a propencity twoard violence tend to be more affected by participating in virtual violence. In short. Somone, somewhere (probably Korea) will commit a horrendous act. Modern Warfare 2 will proably be blamed. In this case it will be the first time I'd actually have a tendance to beleive that it played a part.

Source--> ars technica