Friday, November 13, 2009

So... Modern Warfare 2... $310mil... ONE DAY.

Modern Warfare 2 has set the record as the highest one day gross of any entertainment vehicle ever. $310 million in 24 hours. They sold about 4.7 million copies.
For the sake of comparison, Halo 3, which was also deemed to have the biggest launch in entertainment history when it was released in 2007, made $170 million in the US in its first day, and "more than" $300 million worldwide in its first week. Grand Theft Auto IV, meanwhile, released the following year, sold approximately 3.6 million units in its first day, earning $310 million worldwide, and six million in its first week, bringing in an estimated $500 million. It's also important to note that both GTAIV and MW2 are multi-platform games, whereas Halo 3 is an Xbox 360 exclusive.
But... Not everyone loves it :)

Source --> ars technica