Monday, November 2, 2009

My Grim Fandango Costume

I made this for Halloween last weekend. I think it turned out pretty good.

Here is a closeup of the face.

Looking online to see how people had previously made Manny costumes, I noticed most just took poster board and drew his features on the board. That works fine, and is probably more accurate with the 3D model in the game, but I wanted something with a little more texture. I wanted the mask to look like something from an actual Day of the Dead festival in Mexico, which Grim Fandango's art style is based on.

Like all the other Manny's out there, I started with poster board, and then used modeling clay to make the skeleton features, a la eye sockets, nose and upper mouth outline. I then used a simple paper mache recipe (2 cups water, 2 cups flour, 1 tablesppon salt, strips of newspaper), to cover the entire head and blend the clay parts with the poster board.

After that I just spay painted the whole thing white and then outlined his features with pencil and then hand painted the black parts. And yes I realize his eyebrows aren't exactly center but I think it adds to the whole paper mache Day of the Dead look to it (or that is how I justify it).

I found the white coat at TJ Maxx at the last second and the gloves at a costume shop and the rest I already had. Of course no one knew who I was at the party I went to, but it was still worth the trouble to feel like the suave Manny Calavera for a night.

For reference here is the real Manny: