Saturday, November 7, 2009

Larry King is a brain dead idiot

I really don't understand why this guy is so revered as a journalist. He's the male equivalent of Barbra Walters. Completely empty headed "journalists" who feed soft ball questions to their guests and do absolutely no research before they go into an interview.

Of course I could present hundreds of examples where we see that Larry King is completely devoid of anything slightly resembling a brain. Google his interview with Jerry Seinfeld for one.

But his latest moronic comment comes attached to the TV spot of "The Fourth Kind", where he says, "A remarkable movie that boggles the mind and changes your opinion about UFOs. This is close encounters of the 4th kind" - Larry King

This means that this clown of an individual saw this movie and didn't question a single thing that flickered by at 24 frames per second. He simply took it at face value and said, "Well I'll be a son of a bitch. Aliens exist!"

I was going to review Fourth Kind myself, but figured it wasn't worth the effort. So I'm going to let my dog do it for me: