Friday, November 20, 2009

Hatsune Miku 3GS Robot

Alright every Friday is now officially TGIHM (Thank God it's Hatsune Miku) Day, and I or my partner in crime will post at least one Hatsune Miku article.

Since we are kicking this feature off today. You, lucky reader, get TWO Hatsune Miku articles.

This guy (in Japan of course) decided to take an iPhone 3GS, make a program that turned it into the virtual idol's head and then made her a crude robotic body, including her infamous leek.

Though I must say I prefer the actual humanoid robot that we posted about earlier. And this one seems to just have a specific "Hatsune program", I welcome every effort to make Hatsune that much more a part of our physical dimension.