Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fate/Stay Remixed

To prepare for the new Fate/Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works film, the TV Show is being re-released in two 60 minute chunks. Basically since each episode is about 20 minutes you are getting a little less the six episodes of the 24 episode series, recut.

Personally I didn't like the Fate/Stay Night anime at all. Though Fate/Stay Night is one of my favorite franchises. Of course I'm partial to the visual novel, and the anime follows the "Fate" route pretty darn faithfully but for some reason the whole series just felt drab and kind of lifeless.

I think the show was trying to cram in too much information and as a result there was virtually no character development. So by condensing all that info in 120 minutes worries me slightly. Unless they reanimated some scenes with Saber that needed to take place at the end of the series to lighten her character up then I can't really see this cut down version being anything amazing.

Also the action in the original series was very bland. It just had that generic anime fight scene with clanging weapons. This is really highlighted when Archer pulls off what is supposed to be the most spectacular move in the entire series (Unlimited Blade Works) and it falls flat on it's face and completely fails to impress as he gets his ass handed to him shortly afterwards.

The fact that the same animation team that failed to make Unlimited Blade Works the move visually impressive in the TV show is in charge of an ENTIRE film about Unlimited Blade Works worries me even more then the cut down TV show.

However, it has been many years since the TV show aired, they have a movie budget at their disposal and a lot more experience so I will try to be optimistic about the movie. Truthfully, I am still really excited about the project.

Source: ANN