Monday, October 26, 2009

Warren Spector wants to make a DuckTales Video Game

A lot of people gave Warren Spector hell for signing an exclusive deal with Disney, but I was only excited.

Epic Mickey is looking to be a dark fantastic take on Disney characters, moreso then Kingdom Hearts could ever imagine. And now in the most recent Game Informer, Spector says he wants to make a game based on DuckTales! Right now Disney won't let him, which really shows how the current Disney sees DuckTales as a dead property. Very sad.

But now that he has thrown that idea out there to the public, it's up to the fans to write Disney and demand that he gets the chance to make this game. DuckTales is timeless. There is no reason kids today wouldn't love it as much as we did growing up. Plus, a lot of people in our generation are parents now and would be more then happy to buy a DuckTales game for their kids. Disney has been slow jumping on board this current nostalgia train that everyone else is on, and it's time they man up and let Spector do a DuckTales game.

Source: Joystiq