Friday, October 30, 2009

Hot Women of Classic Anime

Well... Classic In terms of 80's Science Fiction Anime.  At the TheZF we've had a semi-regular feature highlighting some of the hottest girls in Anime.  Today I'd like to talk about a more innocent time, when Fan-Service was a blush, wind in the hair, a glinting smile, and glistening eyes, as opposed to huge boobs, short skirts, and gratuitous panty shots... Not that there's anything wrong with that.  

First on the list is Sayla Mass of Mobile Suit Gundam.  Sayla is Amuro's Soul Mate, though heir relationship is merely hinted at in the animated series, it was on in full display in the novel written by Yoshiyuki Tomino.  For me it was her character in the Novel that I like the best, she wasn't a background character, but a main player in the saga of Amuro and Char.  Her New Type abilities give her exceptional abilities to helm the White Base as well as a Psychic connection to Amuro and Char (her long lost brother, it wouldn't be Gundam without a little melodrama).  
  • Blond hair: Check 
  • Blue Eyes: Check 
  • Cute and Quite Personality: Check
  • Sex-Appropriate Pink Uniform: Check
By today's standards I'd say she may even be considered Moe.  If she only had Glasses...

Next on the docket is the mysterious Maetel of Galaxy Express 999.  Strong and beautiful, to me she's like a Bond girl.  Princess of the mechanized empire, her day job as a guide to those who which to become robots hides her secret plot to bring the whole mechanized empire down.  The warrior princess is a much overused archetype today, but i wouldn't really describe her as a warrior.  I think the secret agent designation is apt.   She's also the epitome of 80's anime beauty; long blond hair, huge eyes, demure smile, and a certain air of Mystery.  

That's it for today.  Come back tomorrow for part II.