Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Marvel HIRE Don Rosa!

Don Rosa is the genius writer/artist who took over from the legendary Carl Barks on the Disney Duck comics, including Donald Duck and Scrooge McDuck.

The brilliance of Don Rosa, was that he was able to take Bark's great individual stories and weave them into a tight mythology that fleshed out the entire "Duck" and "McDuck" families. If you haven't read Rosa's, "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck", you are missing out on one of the greatest comic stories of our generation.

The problem was, Disney wasn't paying him nearly enough where he could have a decent lifestyle, and was vastly underpaid compared to other people in his field. That compiled with serious eye-sight complications forced him to retire.

Well now Marvel is owned by Disney, and if they are allowed to operate as a seperate entity as they claim, yet still have access to Disney properties, then they need to bring back the Duck comics, under the Marvel banner, and put Rosa on as creative director. If he can't see like he used to, he can still tell people his ideas, as I'm sure he has plenty. Put the Ducks back on the map in a big way Marvel.

This could be a Disney synergy dream. Picture this: A Marvel branded comic, with Marvel artists doing a Scrooge McDuck story penned by Don Rosa, THEN have PIXAR make a movie based on the Graphic Novel, with a toy empire to boot.

Scrooge McDuck himself wouldn't pass on such a perfect money making opportunity.