Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Han Solo Adventures

A fan project from an indie developer named Stacy Davidson is attempting to do what LucasArts never did, make a Han Solo SCUMM Adventure game.

Let me just take my hat off and say, "You are doing God's work." I wish this project the best of luck.

The game is a prequel of Han Solo's individual story before episode IV and will also be released in separate Episodes like the new Monkey Island games.

Some people are saying Lucas's lawyers will kill this before it gets off the ground, but I don't think so, as long as they don't charge money for it.

Say what you will about Lucas but he has ALWAYS supported fan created works based off his property, as long as it isn't for monetary gain.

However, LucasArts should go one step further and just hire this guy and put him on staff and release these games on XBLA, WiiWare and iPhone on a regular basis. These games would sell hand over fist.

Check out the site at: hansoloadventures.com